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Review: Yoot Tower by Mike Shields, Product Information Published by: SEGA Web: Street Price: $35 System Requirements PowerMac with Mac OS 7.5 or greater 32 MB of RAM, 100 MB free hard disk space As we had purchased Sim Tower a month before, I anxiously awaited receiving Yoot Tower, the pulse pounding sequel. Ok, it's an upgrade, but I'm the Hollywood Guy, so what the heck. I received the software via express delivery, and it even included a nifty t-shirt, with their logo and slogan, 'You build it. You deal with it.' So, I put on the t-shirt, loaded up the software, and went to work. For those of you not familiar with Sim Tower, let me walk you through this game from the beginning.

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Aug 12, 2006  Sim (Yoot) Tower. In most cases a PC version CD also contains the Mac Version. There have not been any updates that I'm aware of. Its a great game, I just wish it was a 3D tower. Sim (Yoot) Tower. In most cases a PC version CD also contains the Mac Version. There have not been any updates that I'm aware of. Its a great game, I just wish it was a 3D tower.

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Yoot Tower offers three different scenarios: Hawaii, Kegon Falls, and Tokyo. All have their advantages and disadvantages. I chose Hawaii, because, well, who wouldn't wanna own a luxury tower in Hawaii? Oneclickupgrade for mac. If you've played any of the SIM line of games, you know what's next. You get a basic layout, on which to build. In this case, the first thing you have to put down, is a lobby for your tower.

Add an elevator, followed by a couple of floors, and you're set. Now, the fun really begins, as you choose what to put on each floor. I've put up a couple of condos, two coffee shops, and an ice cream parlor.

I've also added a restroom facility. These guys thought of everything! This isn't a very good design, as the game seems to want you to put like developments on the same floor. I think I did pretty good to start out, as I'm merely trying to illustrate the game on a 14' screen. Later, as it grows, you get more options. You arrange for security, to deal with the occasional bomb threat, housekeeping staff, and garbage detail. All these things cost money, so, you'll need to attract tenants, with office space, movie theatres, malls, and more shops.

Also, a good four star restaurant wouldn't hurt. Make sure you put in a freight elevator. The new feature of this game that my wife really liked was the ability to build multiple towers, and you can even put a skyway between them! Well, the object of this game, is to build until you get to put the specialty item on top of your tower, while keeping down your tenant's stress levels. For Hawaii, it's a Cathedral.

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And even then, you're not done. The 'finished product,' looks like this: However, this still isn't a four star building. Some problems that I noticed, the maintenance fee seems a bit high.

Just as you're about to earn enough money to buy something, the maintenance fee kicks in, and you have to start saving all over again. This gets frustrating after awhile, but I think this happened because I built too fast. You can earn extra income buy selling billboard space. Also, keep a constant eye on the feature playing in your movie theatre. They don't change automatically, and the moviegoers stop showing up after about a month. So, you've got a money pit on your hands.

All of the above aside, I liked Yoot Tower. I mean, where else can you be a building owner, hotel manager, and movie theatre owner all in one? Copyright © 1999 Mike Shields, [email protected] Reviewing in ATPM is open to anyone. If you're interested, write to us at [email protected]

Reader Comments (107) Julian Roger Uccetta February 23, 2001 - 01:01 EST Yoot Tower is very cool, but I wish it hade more places to build like New York or Chicago. Anonymous January 20, 2002 - 13:13 EST I like Yoot Tower but I have some problems. I don't get any new stuff so I got this electricety problem that I can't solve. For some reason, the VIP doesn't come in (even if I have everything that I need for him to come) and there's a symbol in the tools menu (the one that looks like a telescope) that I can't figure out what to do with. Rob February 3, 2002 - 08:30 EST Does anyone know where I can get Yoot Tower for free? I really really want to try it.

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I have Sim Tower, but everyone says that Yoot Tower is better. So, if you could help me, that would be great. Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) February 3, 2002 - 11:50 EST Rob - Yoot Tower is a commercial product and is not downloadable.


I find no mention of a demo, either. If you ever found a copy you can download, it would be a pirated copy. I can think of two options. Either locate someone who has purchased it and try it on their computer, or stop by an Apple Store and (assuming they carry it) ask if they'd be willing to install it on one of their machines to let you try it. I wouldn't be surprised if they declined, but we always hear how shopping in the Apple Store is supposed to be the best computer store experience you'll ever have. Getting them to let you try this software would go a long way towards fufulling that experience for you! Adam April 29, 2002 - 14:01 EST When I first recieved SimTower I was amazed, but Yoot Tower goes much further and truely feeds my hunger for more items to build.