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Fish balls are a staple in many Asian homes. In Hong Kong they are a popular street food.

R1200s service manual in pdf for mac. There are as many fish ball stands in Hong Kong as there are hot dog stands in North America. They can be eaten on their own, fried, boiled, with noodles, in curry, in hot pots, on skewers, barbecued or any way you can think of cooking them!

All ways are delicious! As delicious as they are, it shocked me when I looked into what ingredients were used in most store-bought and restaurant-served fish balls. If you read my earlier fish ball post, you’ll recall all the details. If you missed it, you can check it out by clicking.

It also includes a recipe for a healthy alternative to the traditional Asian fish balls (crispy pan-fried fish balls). I’ve received a lot of comments and requests for me to post a recipe for homemade, traditional, Chinese fish balls. So, as I promised a few months ago, I did some research and tried it out on my own. Making your own fish balls, or fish paste, obviously takes more time and effort than opening a frozen package from the store, but it’s definitely worth the effort if you want your food fresh, preservative-free and without added fillers in the ingredients. It’s always quite satisfying to realize that you can create the foods you buy at the store in your own kitchen!

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Home cooked food also has the benefit of being less expensive and much better for your health. You can control what goes into what you eat, and keep your meals preservative-free! Traditional fish paste is made with minimal ingredients. To sum up the process, you are scraping all the meat from a fish (or fishes) and pounding it until it reaches the right consistency.

There is a lot of technique to the pounding part (I still need a lot of practice). You’ve got to do it for the right amount of time to achieve the perfect fish balls with that “bouncy”, “springy” consistency. Here is my recipe and the results of my first attempt. This was also my first time gutting a fishwhich wasn’t as gory as I thought it would be. I saved the heads, tails and bones and made a delicious fish broth for grandmother by simply boiling in water with some ginger and onions. Get ready to slam that fish paste! A great way to de-stress and release some tension!

П™‚ Traditional Chinese Fish Ball Recipe *A wooden cutting board may absorb the smell of the fishl and take longer to clean, use a plastic cutting board for less fishiness. (I was smelling fish for a few days) Also, you may want to work over newspaper to avoid fish bits getting everywhere. Ingredients • 2 whole Spanish mackerels, about 1 pound each **I have seen others use different fish, you can try this with any white fish. If you really don’t want to use a whole fish you could try this with just fillets as well.

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Xmas Fish Balls For Mac

You can also cut this recipe in half if you want to try with just one small fish. • 1 teaspoon salt (or to taste) • 1/2 teaspoon ground white pepper (or to taste) • 1 tablespoon cornstarch • Water. The fish will develop a slightly sticky consistency as you continue to chop. Add the salted water bit by bit while chopping.

How To Make Fish Balls For Hot Pot

This will make it easier and less sticky. Now for the most important part!

When your fish is evenly chopped, with no big chunks, you will gather the ball of fish paste and begin the throwing/slamming process. Repeatedly pound the fish paste onto the cutting board. This is the key to making “springy” or “bouncy” fish balls. I’d say I slammed mine about 50 times. Watch for flying fish bits! To make fish balls, take the paste in your hands and shape into balls.