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Cubase LE download was a pita, a 6 gig download from their site pushing 2mb up, then it took hours to install. Not to mention Cubase LE didn't want to work until you downloaded the drivers for the H4N pro on the zoom website, the instructions for Cubase LE that comes with the H4n Pro could be written a little better, all in all it took 5 hours to get Cubase installed and even now I am having issue with output on my laptop. I guess reading the 675 page manual that you have to go and search for might of helped, A CD option would of been nice with this product. I don't plan on composing much so hopefully I can just do some editing with the wavelab LE software. But I do like the h4n pro quite well.

So props on the hardware, thumbs down on the software choices this product uses.

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Jul 18, 2014  Steinberg WaveLab LE 7.2.1 Win & Mac OSX WaveLab LE 7 offers a suite of audio editing tools tailored to the needs of musicians, small recording environments and podcast authors.

WaveLab LE 7 offers a suite of audio editing tools tailored to the needs of musicians, small recording environments and podcast authors. The podcast tool combines basic editing and mastering capabilities with full internet audio publishing features, creating a unique one-stop application for recording, editing right through to online publication via podcast, perfectly suited for Sequel and Cubase users. The sample-accurate 32-bit/96 kHz audio engine in WaveLab LE 7 combines a small set of quality virtual effect processors. Enter the world of professional audio editing.

Steinberg Wavelab 6 Free Download

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Orignal Download Provider WaveLab LE 7 not only allows you to edit CD-quality audio material on two tracks, but also enhances recordings, using more than ten plug-ins that include several effects taken from our professional music software, Cubase. In addition, there is the integrated podcast function which allows for sharing music and voice recordings in the internet. Mac OS X support and new layout Probably the most important new feature in WaveLab LE 7 is the compatibility to Mac OS X operating systems, which follows Steinberg?s goal to make all products available on both PC and Mac platforms. Furthermore, WaveLab LE 7 has been completely rewritten and comes with a new, modern and easy-to-use user interface, which is based on the new WaveLab 7 family design.