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Recalls CCP RECALL Important Safety Recall – MARCH 2017 Walther CCP Pistols Walther Arms has identified a potential condition in Walther CCP pistols that could potentially cause it to discharge if dropped whether the manual safety is engaged (on) or disengaged (off). The safety of our customers is our paramount concern so we have voluntarily initiated this recall because of the possibility of a drop-fire occurring. Please do not load or fire your Walther CCP pistol and contact us immediately to arrange to have your pistol upgraded free of charge. If your pistol has already been upgraded, there will be a dot milled onto the back side of the magazine opening. The upgrade will be done at no charge to you.

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  1. P38 Walther Serial Numbers

Pistols of the German Wehrmacht. Contact: [email protected] Germany P.08. Black, chequered Bakelit grips with Walther-Banner: Serial number. Before the plant was captured all records of serial numbers were destroyed. In reality the numbers were based on the PP in 1929 and the PPK in 1931. Most of the prewar numbers on both handguns were in the same proximity with numbers only a few thousand apart. However at the beginning of WW2 there was a bigger demand for the PP and thats when.

For free shipping, please enter your information, and complete the online form, making sure to include the serial number. After completion of the form a confirmation email will be sent including shipping information. Please note: The serial number is located on the right side of the pistol (circled in red below) Please submit your information here –. Please check this website and all safety notices on a regular basis for current information about your firearms. You may also contact us by phone at 1-866-503-3389, by email at or by mail at Walther Arms, Inc., 7700 Chad Colley Boulevard, Fort Smith, AR 72916. The current time to repair your CCP is approximately 2 weeks from the time we receive it. We appreciate your assistance and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

P38 Walther Serial Numbers

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. PPK PPK/S RECALL Important Safety Recall – FEBRUARY 2013 PPK & PPK/S Smith & Wesson has identified a condition that may exist in certain PPK and PPK/S pistols which may permit a round to be discharged without the trigger being pulled. When the manual safety is disengaged, Smith & Wesson’s Product Engineering Group has determined that the possibility exists in certain firearms that lowering the hammer may cause a chambered round to fire. This recall applies to all Walther PPK and PPK/S pistols manufactured by Smith & Wesson from March 21, 2002, until February 3, 2009. The Serial Numbers of the pistol subject to this recall are as follows: 0010BAB – 9999BAB 0000BAC – 9999BAC 0000BAD – 9999BAD 0000BAE – 9999BAE 0000BAF – 9999BAF 0000BAH – 9999BAH 0000BAJ – 9999BAJ 0000BAK – 9999BAK 0000BAL – 5313BAL 0000BAM – 1320BAM 0000LTD – 0499LTD 0001PPK – 1500PPK 0026REP – 0219REP 0001WLE – 0459WLE STOP USING YOUR PISTOL AND RETURN IT AT ONCE. Any unintended discharge of a firearm has the potential for causing injury and we ask that you stop using your pistol immediately.

To facilitate the repair of your pistol please contact customer service to receive instructions. Realtek rtl8102e family fast ethernet driver for mac. Upon receipt of your pistol, we will replace the existing hammer block with a new part at no cost to you. Your firearm will be returned as quickly and efficiently as possible. When your pistol is returned, you should note a punch dot which appears at the back of the frame. See the photograph below.

This marking is verification that the new hammer block has been installed and that your pistol is safe to handle. Please contact Walther Arms via phone (479) 242-8500 or email us using the if your PPK or PPK/S serial number is within the range of recalled guns. Owc ram for imac. Our customer service team will provide you with an RA#, Return Form, and a PrePaid FedEx label. PK380 RECALL Important Safety Recall – OCTOBER 2012 Walther PK380 Pistols Walther has identified a condition that may exist in certain PK380 pistols which may permit a round to be discharged if the trigger is pulled, despite engagement of the manual safety. Walther has found that engagement of the manual safety may not prevent firing of a chambered round when the trigger is pulled. This recall applies to Walther PK380,.380 ACP pistols manufactured by Carl Walther GmbH from May, 2012 to September, 2012, and which have a Serial Number ranging from PK101201 to PK112155 **NOTE: If the serial number begins with WB it is NOT involved in the recall.