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Vasco Rossi (born February 7, 1952) is an Italian singer-songwriter. Eos 5d mark ii cnet His nickname is Blasco. During his 25-year career, he has published 21 albums (including live and collection discs) and has written some 130 songs, as well as lyrics for other artists. He calls himself a 'provoca(u)tore' (an Italian portmanteau for 'provoking author') as throughout his career he has been regularly criticized over his choice of lifestyle and the lyrics in his songs.

Rossi was born in Zocca, in the province of Modena (Emilia-Romagna). Pyar ki ek kahani star one serial video download. His father, Carlo Rossi, was a truck-driver, and his mother, Novella, a famous housewife.

Vasco Rossi Disco Grafia Completa Torrent

It was his mother herself who decided to enroll him in singing school when he was a small boy, a choice that must have seemed rather peculiar within the mentality of a small village in the Apennines like Zocca. Nonetheless, Rossi fell in love with music and at the age of 14 began playing with his first band. Rossi and his family moved to Bologna, Italy, where he studied accounting in high school.

Upon graduating he opened a music club, Punto Club, and enrolled in university at the faculty of Economics and Commerce, and later Education. In the meantime he supported himself by working as a DJ and founding, along with friends, one of the first private radio stations in Italy, 'Punto Radio', with which he began slowly and timidly showcasing his own songs. Encouraged by his friend Gaetano Curreri (now leading member of Stadio), Rossi released his first EP on June 13, 1977, which included the songs 'Jenny Φ pazza' (Jenny is Crazy) and?Silvia', and a full-length album in 1978, Ma cosa vuoi che sia una canzone.

In 1979, he released a second album, Non siamo mica gli americani ('It's Not Like We Are American'), which included, 'Albachiara', one of his biggest hits, and a ballad considered emblematic of Rossi?s poetic style. His most controversial album, Colpa d'Alfredo ('Alfredo's fault') followed in 1980; its title-track was censored from the radio and let loose bitter criticism because it contained lyrics such as troia ('bitch') and stronza ('asshole', referring to a female subject) in a period in which music censorship was widely practiced in Italy. The controversy actually increased Rossi?s popularity, and he quickly saw himself famous on a national level, particularly after performing live on Domenica In, a popular Italian television program. The performance did not particularly please journalist Nantas Salvalaggio, who published a scathing article against Rossi, imploring how a public television station could show a drug-addict of the sort on a Sunday afternoon. Rossi countered that Salvalaggio evidently did not understand his music at all, and remarked how great it is to take arms against a still unknown artist who cannot defend himself.

In 1981, the album Siamo solo noi ('It's Just Us') was released. The title track, another signature song of his, would become commonly recognized as a generational hymn. In 1982, Rossi took part for the first time in the Sanremo Music Festival, performing the song 'Vado al massimo' ('I Go at Full Blast'). Here, he once again found himself under the harsh criticism of Salvalaggio, and came in last place in the festival. In April of the same year the album Vado al Massimo was released. The following year, he reappeared at the Sanremo Music Festival, this time performing?Vita spericolata', probably his most popular song, and finishing in second-to-last place due to his apparent state of intoxication.