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You are logged in as a guest. ( ) Random quote: Fear the goat from the front, the horse from the rear, and man from all sides - Russian Proverb - (Added by: ) UK Landing Card Moderators:,,, Jump to page: Now viewing page 1 [25 messages per page]:: -> Message format Posted 2010-01-11 1:58 PM (#29956) Subject: UK Landing Card Expert Posts: 2117 Location: South Oxfordshire, UK & St.

4 5 Understand what happens at the UK border When you arrive at the UK border, you will need to show the following items to a UK Border Agency officer. Remote Immigration Clearance for. Being passed to the United Kingdom Border Agency to facilitate the advance. Part 1 of this form replaces the landing card. Uk border agency landing card pdf. I would like to know what happens to UK Landing Cards after they are collected by Border Force agents. Download PDF (.

But Heathrow Border Agency were absolute. Below is of the UK Landing Card which is. Superseding agency: Border Force UK Visas and Immigration. The UK Border Agency (UKBA) was the border control agency of the Government of the United Kingdom and.

Uk Border Agency Landing Card

Petersburg, Russia My wife's parents are coming over at the end of the month and we just realised we have a slight problem because they don't speak, read or write a single work do English and they are somehow going to need to fill in the UK Landing Card on their own. The only thing we can think of doing is for us to fill out copies for them which we can email over and get them to use it as a template when it comes to them filling out the real ones on the plane. They're intending to fly by BA (nearly £300 cheaper than Rossiya for some reason ) so I doubt any of the staff will be able to speak Russian which means they'll be on their own with filling out the card.

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Can someone possibly confirm if the picture below is of the UK Landing Card which is currently in use? Posted 2010-01-11 2:08 PM (#29958 - in reply to #29956) Subject: Re: UK Landing Card Veteran Posts: 168 Location: Wishfully in Engels (Saratov) This was the one in use in late December when my GF arrived. I always complete it for her and all she has to do is copy like for like - even though her English is OK, she like to be confident it's correct. For some reasons, it doesn't seem right unless it's in her handwriting although I can't imagine there being a rule for that (do they do handwriting analysis - sure they will one day one day ) ). Posted 2010-01-11 2:13 PM (#29959 - in reply to #29956) Subject: Re: UK Landing Card Expert Posts: 5207 Location: South Leicestershire Don't forget an entry letter Gary.

Saves so much hassle Posted 2010-01-11 4:28 PM (#29977 - in reply to #29959) Subject: Re: UK Landing Card Expert Posts: 2117 Location: South Oxfordshire, UK & St. Petersburg, Russia Thanks for the confirmation.we'll fill some in then and send them over so they can just copy them out letter-for-letter. We'd already planned on giving them a letter for immigration control to save any hassles so hopefully that should be everything covered We've gone with Rossiya (Pulkovo ) flights now anyway because I screwed up my calculations and they were actually only £30 more expensive than BA (not £300 ) and I think for that few quid extra her parents will feel much more comfortable in an environment where the staff actually speak Russian so it was worth doing IMO. We will also avoid any worry of the possible BA strike action at the end of February / beginning of March which is when they'll be going back, plus they can get some help from the staff with the Landing Card if they do get in to any difficulty. Posted 2010-01-11 4:49 PM (#29982 - in reply to #29956) Subject: Re: UK Landing Card Expert Posts: 1237 of course everything should be just fine. But Heathrow Border Agency were absolute tossers when Tania arrived in December, even with a nice shiny '59 reg passport with a spouse visa inside it.