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I bought a 22r motor from a local guy who tells me its from his 83truck.ive got a 88model truck and are tryingto install question is i want to make sure ive got a 83 or 84motor.from what ive read on here it has to be one of the two.btw ive googled and found nothing.thanks in advance.btw here are the numbers on driver side of block.front numbers are 0591742 22r and torwards the rear of the motor.0.or is there a way i can tell just by looking at the block at what year it it.thanks again. From LC Eng: Technical Introduction LC Engineering's Technical Department has provided some basic information as well as identification information to assist you in modifications to the 20R - 22R - 22RE Toyota 4 Cylinder engines. Along with our catalog, you should refer to the factory Toyota service manual for more in-depth information We also provide our customers with a technical support phone line to assist in determining what product or products will deliver the best performance for your application and budget. As you have seen in our catalog, we offer packages and products from mild modifications to wild modifications.? Cylinder Head Identification 1975 - 1980 20R Cylinder Head Round Intake Port Round Exhaust Port 80/81 C.C.

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Can i use the engine serial number to crossreference the vin and or just model year? - Answered by a verified Toyota Mechanic. If you look closely on the block there should be a tin plate that is bolted to the block with the 17 digit vin #, if you can give me the vin # I can tell you whatever you need to know about it. I recently bought. Toyota Motor Co. Was established as an independent and separate company in 1937. With this in mind, The gross amount of engines produced over the years is staggering. Toyota has one of the best engine identification systems of all the manufacturers. The VIN contains the chassis mumber and I think this could be useful to some people. --- For instance, it will enable someone to estimate the production date of a chassis simply from the letters and numbers that are stamped on it. So.I think it's best to just do what you're doing.

Chamber Intake Valve Diameter 43mm Exhaust Valve Diameter 35mm 1981 - 1984 22R Cylinder Head Square Intake Port Round Exhaust Port 82/83 C.C. Chamber Intake Valve Diameter 44.5mm Exhaust Valve Diameter 36.5mm 1985 - 1995 22R-22RE Cylinder Head Square Intake Port Pear Shape Exhaust Port 52/54 C.C. Combustion Chamber 82/83 C.C.

Chamber (Turbo) Intake Valve Diameter 44.5mm Exhaust Valve Diameter 36.5mm? Engine Block Identification 1975 - 1980 20R Block Deck Height 11.280' Stock Bore 88.5mm - 3.484' Maximum Over Bore 90.0mm - 3.544' 1981 - 1984 22R Block Deck Height 11.280' Stock Bore 92.0mm - 3.622' Maximum Over Bore 93.0mm - 3.662' Big Bore Forged Piston Kit 94.0mm - 3.701' 1985 - 1995 22R-22RE 'Laser Block' Deck Height 11.090' Stock Bore 92.0mm - 3.622' Maximum Over Bore 93.0mm - 3.6662' Big Bore Forged Piston Kit 94.0mm - 3.701' All Toyota 20R - 22R - 22RE engines use the same crankshaft and connecting rods. To accommodate the different deck heights, Toyota changed the compression height (piston pin location).

OK, The motor I pulled from an 86 appears to not be a lazer block once I started taking it apart. Haven't pulled the head yet but it has a double row timing cain and when looking through the spark plug hole the pistons appear to have a ridge around the edge leading me to believe they are domed.

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It seems to have the same deck hieght as the 84 block I trashed. The casting number on the rear of the block drivers side is 11411-350 20. This is the same as on my 84 block. The serial number stamped into the block is 0269075 22R. Can anyone tell me what year this block is so I can order parts? From the Off-Road World Re: Year of 22R block from serial number?

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