St Dupont Lighter Serial Number Check

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This is a short guide on how to quickly determine if your S.T. Dupont Linge (Line) 2 Lighter is authentic. These are the lighters most 'faked' on Ebay. There are also counterfeit Gatsby lighters I have seen on Ebay as well. Usually persons selling have little to no feedback, 100 points or less. A lot are from China, but it isn't hard to setup an account to make it look like your somewhere your not. Also the selling party might not even realize that the lighter is a fake, the Line 2 counterfeit lighters look exactly like real ones, depending on model/design being counterfeited.

Dupont Pen Identification And Help. The markings on the pen say ST Dupont Lacque de Chine and. On that era ST Duponts the serial number should have. Nov 27, 2013  All my lighters are genuine items. There are many fakes around. The ST Dupont models are copied widely, especially the Ligne 2. Some fakes are very convincing and.

If the selling party does not picture the bottom of the lighter, where the serial number is, its Probably fake. If it looks the the numbers are lined up perfectly, if they are engraved, its fake. ST Dupont stamps their lighters with numbers not aligned in a straight line, some numbers looking higher or lower then others. Counterfeited line 2 have serials engraved in a straight line. Even if your lighter doesn't look like one of the lighters pictured below it still could be fake. Fakes change on a regular basis to try to keep up with ST Dupont.

Top instructions (yellowish) are genuine warranty card on the left is genuine, its not as dark as the fake Its also possible to place a fake ST Dupont lighter, in a genuine box. I have seen it done several times on Ebay. The insert in the gift boxes have sharply raised angled edges, genuine boxes have only very slightly raised edges, almost hard to notice in most pictures. Also you can notice the color difference, though my camera isn't perfect when representing true color.

All pictures the box to the left is genuine Counterfeit Line 2 lighters are heavier then real ones. MOST IMPORTANT, SURE SIGN!


If there is no paint underneath the Cap for the refill valve, its almost definitely fake, though its possible to be a replacement with no color dot. All Line 2 Lighters have a yellow paint dot underneath the cap of the refill valve representing to use the gold Dupont Butane refill can (see picture below). Screenflow 5 mac download If it comes with a brass butane adapter (unless it screws in) its probably Counterfeit. You should need to screw in the butane canister refill, and we (as well as ST Dupont) recommend to only use Dupont Butane gas in ALL ST Dupont Lighters. Its also possible for the paint to have chipped off inside the cap, but if that has happened, you should be able to find some pieces of the paint in the cap. Line 2 lighters now retail for over $700, most $900 retail.

If it NEW and cheap, its probably fake. If selling party calls it anything but 'ST Dupont' then its probably a fake lighter.

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Sellers do this to get around ebays keyword check. The Sound when the lighter is opened should be a pleasant lasting sound, in my experience the Ping sound dulls with use. The counterfeit ST Dupont makes an awful metallic 'cling' which differs greatly from a real ST Dupont ping sound. There is a screw holding a metal plate inside the top of the lid that can become loose.

If you have a used ST Dupont its possible somebody has removed it to prevent it from ruining the sound of the lid when opened. If you hear a rattling when lifting lid then it could be this plate coming loose. All you need is a small flat head screw driver to tighten it. Though be very careful not to scratch anything while you are in there.