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I'll be working my way through the install process and posting updates when I've got time. So far I've installled the windows version of Steam which I'm using to post this and I'll be using that to Download and install Space Engineers. But getting to this point needs a bit of set up and if you're not familiar with using the (in /Utilities) it can be quite scary:). So for part 1 I'll be setting out what you need to get wine up and running, then in Part 2 I'll explain how to get Steam up and running.


I go to play and the game says that Space Engineers is not available. So where do i download this. Facts are the Mac PLATFORM can run both Windows and OS X. CrossOver Mac. Download Trial; Features. Space Engineers is a sandbox game about. Players build space ships and space stations of various sizes and.

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I'm assuming whoever may be trying this might not have installed open source tools before so I'll detail each step and try to explain why you're doing it - feel free to skip he parts you already know. Then The next step is to get a package management tool. Most open source software makes use of pre-packaged code repositories or libraries.

This creates dependancies - software needing libraries which may not be installed on your pc. Managing these manually is a pain, hence the use of a package manager. There are 3 widey used and they all do the job the easiest to install IMO is MacPorts which you can get from here Scroll down to the section 'Mac OS X Package (.pkg) Installer' and you can read up on how to use MacPorts here.

I am so damn confused. Optimized So, I installed x code, and Mac Ports and apparently I have to install Xcode on mac ports before I can install wine, and then something about Java popped up, so I installed that too. Even though I thought that was already installed.

I also accidentally entered xc into the port and it started downloading a whole lotta stuff that I don't have any clue about either. Yeah, don't really delve into computers a whole lot if you can't tell, so, I guess what Im trying to ask is. Am I on the right track?

It would depend on your machne and internet connection. What should be happening is - as you start to install MacPorts it will check your system for other software that it needs, lf/when it discovers you don't have something, then it will append it to the dowload queue. This is known as 'dependancies'. So a possible issue could be you are using a distant DL site which will take longer. Once the dependancies have been dealt with then the software will be compiled into binaries, again depeinding on the amount of RAM/disk space this can be a bottleneck. Also what might be happening is that MacPorts is looking for software that contains the pattern 'XC'. In names or descriptions.