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This is my first post, and I have searched but do apologise for n00bieness! I desperately need to activate USB 2.0 function in Windows 98 SE, motherboard: ASRock K7S41 (SiS 963 L southbridge). Neither MS, nor the MoBo or chip makers, nor the makers of my USB 2.0 capable appliances provide the needed low level drivers for EHCI. As a result, my USB 2.0 external hard drive, and USB 2.0 disc on key, work only at painfully slow USB 1.1 speeds under W 98 SE (but do work at USB 2.0 speeds under windows 2000 SP 4 - tested) Is the 'Unofficial Service Pack' a solution to this problem? Download Or does it not provide the EHCI chipset drivers, and if not, who will?

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Thanks in advance -- Ninho. And what about this.

'SiS USB 2.0 Driver Ver:1.04' for Windows 98 and ME, have you tried it? Yes of course I have. The same 'driver' exists on the CD which came with the MoBo: Unfortunately, it is a fake: it does nothing, but launch a small program in Autoexec.bat which disables the USB 2 (EHCI) controller in the SiS 963 L.

Usb Driver Download For Mac

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The purpose being to inhibit windows 98 SE from (re)discovering the EHCI upon each boot and asking for the missing driver. Dirty trick, isn't it? I'll have to check your Orangeware thingie - that would be what I'm after, only I need check the PCI id of the USB 2 function in my chipset before. Thank you very much, I'll report failure or hopefully, success with that! [Edited.] Well, the Orange USB 2 drivers installed successfully: thank you! Thank you, thank you!

Sis Usb 7001 Drivers For Mac

I now have drivers for the USB 2 in Device Manager. The devices themselves are still using USB 1.1 however.