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From the Lens Collector's Vade Mecum: (a) Classic Zeiss Jena numbers. It does seem that very low numbers do exist, and it is suggested that they begin at Jena at 1,000 in about 1890, unless information to the contrary is found.

Zeiss Ikon Serial Numbers

The following is a collection of serial numbers for large format lens manufacturers., serial number-year correspondences. Download madden 13 for mac. Carl Zeiss Jena Serial Numbers. Hi everyone, I have a pair of Carl Zeiss Binoculars and I was wondering if they were real or not. I looked up the serial numbers with corresponding dates on google, but I couldn't find my serial number. Date a pair of Zeiss NVA 7X40s - posted in Binoculars: Hi group,I recently purchased some Zeiss NVA 7X40 binoculars and would like to try and date them with your help.On the eyepiece cap it says:Artikel 54621 (artikel is German word for item)Ferngl. Carl Zeiss Jena NVA 7X40 B/GA (Fernglas is the German word for binoculars) On the binoculars there is:7X40 (on lens side)3445360 III-80 (on eyepiece side)Below is a picture. Published in Spring 2000 Zeiss Historica Journal. Author: Jack Kelly. See Page 7 -9. The author analyses the rational behind the serial number sequences with regard to the Zeiss prism binocular models, describes a series of different external characteristics found in a particular model based on markings, differences in eyepieces and different prism covers.

Carl zeiss binoculars serial numbers

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There may also be unnumbered lenses, possibly when they are one of a stereo pair, though confusion with licencees lenses can occur. There seems then to be a gap to 1912. Two listings then exist, and run very much in parallel. Gilbert, in 'Collecting Photographica' and is reproduced in the back of McKeown's 'Price Guide'. Do you guys think sow will eventually be for mac. The other is given in 'Chiffres Cles' by P-H.

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As a collector, the main point is that they do tell the same story within the time span that interests one. The following is a shortened version of the one in 'Chiffres Clef' with some extra notes added from experience here. It is tentative in places.!890 Anastigmat production begins.

This is partly licensed to others, including Voigtlaender for Germany.The earliest Zeiss Anastigmat noted so far is No1,51x suggesting a possible No1000 start at Jena for camera lenses: but note an aplanat for projection seems anomalous. 1895 Voigtlaender stops production of Zeiss designs, suggesting Zeiss had expanded production facilities to make the lenses at Jena. 44,040 as Unar sales begin, production of anastigmats reaches 100,000, with about 44,000 by Zeiss and 56,000 under license. 1902 Tessar f6.3 launched. This must have been one factor leading to a big expansion of demand and production. 1908 91,711 + 103,3xx, 104,2xx noted on cameras burgled at N&G, London (Manthos article), but note N&G may have lagged in fitting as cameras made in 1912 had lenses No133,73x- say a year in store or transit.