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Regina Music Box In 1894, the Regina Company was founded. The cylinders on most Regina and other high-end name brand boxes may have as many as 10,000 pins on a 13 inches long comb. The tuned music combs have teeth that must be tuned after a piece has been moved or relocated to a particular location. The Regina music box company was the most successful music box maker in the country, and they produced over 100,000 music boxes between roughly 1892 to 1920. This particular cabinet they advertised as a Rookwood style cabinet. Item number: 185: 8.5' Regina music box in Mahogany Case: Item number: 186: 15.5' Regina Reginaphone Style 250 Music Box (Click image for larger view) This 8.5' Regina music box is a late production Style 22. Manufacture date is likely after 1905. Case finish is original and in excellent condition. Mechanisms restored.

NSK-1 (46) Painted Case Regina Dragonfront Style 27' Disc Automatic Changer Here is a super opportunity for someone who is either interested in something different or wants to do a little cosmetic work. This is a top of the line Regina automatic changer the largest (27' disc) size, carved dragons on the upper doors (no gallery, but this model never had one), piano style back, the later lever lift mechanism, and in the much scarcer home model with the solid wood panel in the bottom rather than glass. Someone took a lot of artistic license with this and did a really pretty wonderful job of painting it, although the case is dirty and some of the paint (especially on the right side) is worn but the relative high quality of the decoration makes one wonder why it was done and by whom, we have seen another instrument, a piano handled by Dave Bowers, that was special ordered for Herbert Hoover and very close to the same design of painting, so you can make up your own story with this one or try to research it (it went out of the factory as a plain mahogany case)! The mechanism has been restored and the sound is exceptional, this is a very fine example of the genre. The lithograph inside has been replaced. This is a bargain price reflecting the painted case, but you might well consider it a great positive! Radar software for mac.

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With twelve discs. CA-118A (29) Oak Regina 27” Autochanger “Dragonfront” Style.

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The value of a cylinder music box depends on the length and diameter of the cylinder, the date of its manufacture, the number of tunes it plays, and its manufacturer. Nicole Freres, Henri Capt. LeCoultre, and Bremond are among the most highly regarded, and the larger boxes made by Mermod Freres are also popular. Osirix viewer for for mac. REGINA 15-1/2' OAK SERPENTINE DISC MUSIC BOX: Item number: 480: CAPITAL CUFF STYLE A MUSIC BOX (Click image for larger view) Regina Serpentine Disc Music Box. Short bedplate. Fully restored. Plays superbly with a deep rich tonal quality. This was Regina's most popular and best sounding table model disc music box. With 10 discs. Well cared for since new.