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BulbaJohn and Gold's Emerald Egglocke! Hello Everyone, and welcome to our new versus! Yeah at the end of the last versus Aidan and I did, Aidan won(probably because hacking or possibly because nub) and we hinted at a new versus coming out in the summer. However, it isn't summer yet, so we brought it to you all a bit early! Well, hopefully people actually read this one.

Also, this will be an Emerald Egglocke, and we got our eggs from someone named Hardyt3kyoyo. Go check him out! We both think he's a cool dude. Well, onto the rules! Regular Nuzlocke rules. • Must nickname all Pokemon(eggs).

Download Pokemon - Leaf Green Version (V1.1) for Gameboy Advance(GBA) and play Pokemon - Leaf Green Version (V1.1) video game on your PC, Mac, Android or iOS device! Pokemon - Leaf Green Version (U) download on the GBA (Gameboy Advance) console, works on Android, PC, and Mac Devices.

• First Pokemon on the route is the only one you can capture. • Pokemon that are fainted are dedded.

Egglocke Rules • Exchange all caught Pokemon with an egg in the PC.(We will use a random number generator to determine Box and Egg.) 3. Shiny Clause 4. Egg Dupes Clause(Can't use the same Pokemon that hatches from an egg. If you hatch 2 Bidoofs, only use the first one.) 5. No Items in battle.

We will battle each other using Pokemon Showdown at the end of each gym and after the champion. Whoever wins the most battles win our versus. I think that's it. Alright, I think that covers it!

Not sure when Aidan will make the first update, but make sure to stay tuned. Just gonna start by saying we tried to make a video but after it was all recorded John's file failed, so its back to the regular update style. Part 1: The Suspense Darkness. All the sudden, lightness.


That's a word. Aidan and John awoke in a Pokemon Center.

Pokemon Leaf Green Egglocke

They each had with them a mudkip. BUT THIS MUDKIP WAS DEAD!

There was a note attached. This is the man. Mac os x lion 10.7 free download for windows 7. I have entrusted you with a token thingy that allows you to trade dead wild Pokemon for new ones. To do this, go into the machine thing, and press the random button. A Pokemon will be recieved. This has been the man.

'Who is the man?' John exclaimed wildly, with great expression. 'I don't know!!!' Exclaimed Aidan wildlyer.

'We should do the machine thing though!' John replied, with great accent. Our heroes pressed the random button. Aidan received his first. He exclaimed, quite loudly actually. 'I'll name you Esophagus.' Next, Johnathon Lastnamiro obtained his.

'A SHINY TEDDIURSA Using python on mac. ?!!?!? HOW LUCKY AND NOT PREDETERMINED IN THE SLIGHTEST!' He exclaimed. 'I'll call you KNE.' (pronounced knee) Then our heroes ventured upwards. But what they were encountered with was not expected.

A deep voice exclaimed. Part 2: TL;DR Aidan and John beat May, then got their pokeballs. Part 3: Sprite Style Alright! I, John, will now exchange my Pokemon for new ones! I, Aidan, will do so as well.

Why do you get the cool sprite? I'm writing this update.

*One exchange of pokemon for eggs later* Alright, let's see what I got. Wow, John is sooooo lucky to get me! I was totally found by chance!I'm Raspberry. Krabs) That's it. Hah, you fainted your route 1 encounter, hah. Here's mine: I'm a stomach.

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If you touch me I'll melt your skin off. WOAHOHO MAN I HAVE FLAMETHROWER OH MAN ALSO MY NAME IS WILEY I'm Dean. Not related to dne at all. Also I have giga drain, so I'm not completely useless! I'm Scoliosis! Why is my name Scoliosis!

Wow, these Pokemon are really strong. I'm just mowing through all these trainers! With my lawnmower! Why do you have a lawnmower? Part 4: Fire Red: Emerald: Dragon Chronicles ♪ Fighting all of the best! Traveling throughout Hoenn! Talking to Father!