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Panzer general free download - Panzer General II demo, Panzer General III: Scorched Earth updated demo, The General, and many more programs. Welcome to the “Panzer General 2” for Mac game page. This page contains information + tools how to port Panzer General 2 in a. Into your download folder.

Panzer General is a top-down, turn-based, historical battle game developed and published by Strategic Simulations, Inc and released for DOS in 1994. It was one of the first games (if not the first) that gave you the ability to play for the Nazis, but succeed where Hitler failed.

In this strategic battle game you command land, air, and sea units to defeat the enemy forces. Choose between the Axis or Allied forces to take on a computer or human opponent or play campaign mode as the German Generalissimus and take down those Allied dogs.

Brad mehldau transcription pdf download. Please subscribe to my site, then, I am happy for you to print these, if you ask nicely!

Go to war and take command of your troops through a point-and-click interface with an easy access menu. This game features “circled” battle animations, battle sounds, and marching and moving sounds (think Risk: The Game of Global Domination for Playstation, 1997). Even winning an award for Best Voice-Over Acting (Barry Link as commanding officer). Taking inspiration from the Japanese strategy series Daisenryaku, and its non-traditional wargame design, Panzer General is one of the most important PC games of the 90’s.

Garnering many awards including Wargame of the Year and Best Strategy Game. It is also on both the 150 Best Games of All Time list (Game Star) and the 50 Best Games of All Time list (PC Gamer). Panzer General earned its place in the hall of fame in 1997 of Computer Gaming World.


This is a game changing, award winning strategy war game. If that doesn’t tell you need to play it, allow me. You need to play this game! Review by: Tasha Published: 30 January 2017, 3:23 pm.

Sorrow62 2018-07-21 1 point DOS version You better play this game under DosBox. The game itself is not realistic but it's the MOST PLAYABLE ever seen.

Panzer General 2 Download For Windows 10

Remember that there is a bug, the second time you play France scenario it will be impossible to have a Decisive Victory, anyway it's well known that in France scenario it's better have a minor victory after haveing conquered all cities and left only a crippled ship to enemy to gain max experience and prestige. The game mechanic is simple, playing the game to reach a decisive victory in USA is another matter. Many believes that you have to choose tanks looking at attack value, that is fully wrong, in this game initiative is more important su if you choose Panzer IV you'll always lose against enemy armor while the Panzer III will be more effective even if the values are less than the 'IV'.

Adlerkorps Panzer General 2 Download

Lil wayne tha carter download zip. Another thing is to have seven eng. Units, it'll take time, but if you play good you'll have them in France scenario.

Panzer General For Mac

Another important trick I use in early scenarios is Heavy Flak starting in the most difficult battle, Norway. In norway buy a 88 Flak as soon as you take a city, your fighter are too green and too weak to attack enemy fighters while they'll work good when attacked, so encircle enemy planes with your fighters but do not attack them, take Flak at three exes or less and shoot in the next turn, if you're lucky with bad weather you'll stop enemy planes enough to leave them without fuel. This works until you'll upgrade to FW190 with at least two star experience.

Panzer General 2 Download

Another word about the scenario sequence. Play with Decisive Victory until France, win it at last turn than go for Balkans, Creete and go on, you'll have a lot of time to rise prestige and upgrading units and get experience as well. Siemens simatic step 7 crack. More to say but I have the time to say that I still play Panzer General after so many years and I still enjoy it. Michael 2018-06-01 0 point Windows version I played the DOS version since 1994 and it's probably the best all round war-game ever made.

This is the game to play to get ANYONE into war /strategy games. Good learning curve and right balance of strategy and playability. I didn't realize a windows version existed, just downloaded it and it even works on Win10 64bit (unfortunately the Dos version does not). There is a lot of interesting words in the source code of this one. 'English-Sheep-Shaggers' is mentioned often and criticism of EA etc.