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Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • Early life and education [ ] Jef Raskin was born in to a secular family, whose surname is a from 'Raske', Yiddish nickname for Rachel. He received a in and a in with minors in and from the.

The Cask & Rasher is a hidden gem in the Hudson Valley. Media player for mac. The atmosphere is a unique blend of a the owners' funky and cozy brewpub style combined with that of a historic Hudson Valley building. Tuukka Rask - Highlights [5.7.2014] reupload Sorry for the quality, i had to download these with youtube downloader and then reupload. Song: Shinedown - Breaking Inside Thanks for watching!

On Mac computers, the Activity Monitor application is equivalent to the Task Manager program found on Windows PCs. You can open Activity Monitor using either the Launchpad or the Applications folder on Macs running OS X Yosemite.

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In 1967, he received a in from, after having switched from due to differences of opinion with his advisor. Even though he had completed work for his PhD, the university was not accredited for a PhD in computer science. The first original computer application he wrote was a music application as part of his master's thesis. Raskin later enrolled in a graduate music program at the (UCSD), but stopped to teach art, photography, and computer science there. He worked as an assistant professor in the Visual Arts department from 1968 until 1974. He was awarded a National Science Foundation grant to establish a Computer and Humanities center which used a computer and graphic display terminals rather than the teletypes which were in use at that time. Along with his undergraduate student Jonathan (Jon) Collins, Raskin developed the Flow Programming Language for use in teaching programming to the art and humanities students.

The language was first used at the Humanities Summer Training Institute held in 1970 at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas. The language has only 6 instructions ( get it, print it, print 'text', jump to, if it is ' ' then, and stop) and can not manipulate numbers. The language utilizes 'typing amplification' in which only the first letter is typed and the computer provides the balance of the instruction eliminating typing errors. It was also the basis for programming classes taught by Raskin and Collins in the UCSD Visual Arts Department. Raskin curated several art shows including one featuring his collection of unusual toys. It was during this period that he changed the spelling of his name from 'Jeff' to 'Jef' after having met Jon Collins and liking the lack of extraneous letters. Raskin occasionally wrote for computer publications, such as.

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He formed a company named Bannister and Crun, which was named for two characters playing in the radio comedy. Career history [ ] Apple [ ] Contractor writer [ ] Raskin first met Apple Computer co-founders and in their garage workshop following the debut of their personal computer at the first. Jobs hired Raskin's company Bannister and Crun to write the Apple II Programming Manual. Raskin said 'I was talking fifty dollars a page.

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They talked fifty dollars for the whole manual.' Upon the Apple II unit with the serial number of '2', he reportedly wrote 'a literate manual that became a standard for the young industry'.: 108 Management [ ] In January 1978, Raskin joined Apple as Manager of Publications, the company's 31st employee. For some time he continued as Director of Publications and New Product Review, and also worked on packaging and other issues.

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