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Do we have a range of the 'Hard Steel' Norinco's As I understand it.all Norinco Full size pistols (including the Commander size model) that were imported before Clinton's ban on Norinco products were made from 5100 series steel. Norinco is still producing 1911 pistols to this day but they can not legally be imported into the USA. I'm sure some have filtered down from Canada, but I am unsure of the grade of steel they are currently being made from. Bottom line.if you own a own a 5100 series 'hard steel' version. Ok, I understand that.

The thing that I don't understand is my serial # is higher than most here but I don't have the import stamp on it. At least that is what I'm calling it. It says made in china but nothing about the C.S.I. Is this something that they changed? Oh I know PICS would help but I'm not waking the wife I'll add them tomarrow. Not all Norinco 1911's were imported through C.S.I. There were two other major importers but their names escape me right now.

I believe the top range of serial numbers before the ban was in the the range of 600,XXX to low 700,XXX. Ok I'm sorry it took so long the dang Wife didn't want to wake up.!?

May 29, 2011  Not open for further replies. On some pistols, like both my Tauruses, they have the serial number in THREE places. Frame, Slide, AND barrel. It wouldn't surprise me if your 1911 had it on the slide and the frame. I've not seen a Norinco with the serial number on the outside of both the frame and. Chinese SKS Type 56 ID FAQ. I followed it from early days and it seems that serial numbers of the ones imported to the U. No final conclusions were ever really compiled from that thread, but there's a good core sample on many particular specs of these guns, so it's definitely a good place to do some studyin'. Jun 23, 2003  I nabbed 4 Norinco 1911s in 1993 for $189.00 apiece and have no regrets at all. One mounts my Kimber.22 conversion, another was a 'project' gun as I learned to smith the 1911 (Yes, it works ) and two are stock except for Hogue wood grips.

Here are a few pics of my Norc and see it doesn't have the import stamp on it. Any info on this is taken gladly as I know it has been messed with a bit but not sure as to exactly what. Seems as it has a new 2 piece guide rod and buffer inside, Grips are mine but internally I can't tell. Curious as to where it came from and what date it is round about. Serial # 608291, the gun is Parkerized and I have the original box. Any and all info is excepted and thanks in advance. Hajime

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Ithaca 1911 Serial Numbers Lookup

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