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Nigeria Oil and Gas Concessions Map and Licenses. NBR Services, France. The map is accompanied by a 25-page.pdf file including the list of operators, partners, type of Joint Operating Agreement (JOA), OMLs and OPLs as well as the oilfields and some technical information.

Nigeria Oil & Gas Map Oil & Gas Map of Nigeria is an independent initiative to monitor the Oil & Gas industry of Nigeria promoting transparency and accountability in decision making and investment. This website is our national observatory - an open, interactive and intuitive tool to be used by industry stakeholders for collecting and visualizing information about the Nigerian oil and gas industry. Please note that the data being collected and represented here is constantly evolving.

To make this resource more accurate and comprehensive, we're fostering an online community around this initiative and we encourage your participation. The island castaway 2 trophies. Understand Do you want to know more about what the platform is and what it can do for you? Discover Explore the Oil & Gas Map of Nigeria. Get more details on all major oil blocks and their current operators in the country. Participate Help us make the resource more accurate and comprehensive. Join our online community and participate.

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Recent Updates 19th October, 2015 The Aje-5 production well located on the OML 113 license, offshore Nigeria, has been successfully completed and the reservoir ha. Asset: 24th February, 2015 The Supreme Court will today entertain an appeal brought against Chevron Nigeria Limited and Seplat Petroleum Development Compan. Asset: 24th February, 2015 The Supreme Court will today entertain an appeal brought against Chevron Nigeria Limited and Seplat Petroleum Development Compan. Asset: 24th February, 2015 The Supreme Court will today entertain an appeal brought against Chevron Nigeria Limited and Seplat Petroleum Development Compan. Asset: 20th November, 2014 Royal Dutch Shell said on Thursday it had completed the sale of its 30 percent stake in Nigeria’s onshore Oil Mining Lease (OML). Asset: 27th October, 2014 The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Samsung Heavy Industries Nigeria Limited and Total Upstream Nigeria (TUPNI). Asset: 24th October, 2014 Yenagoa (Nigeria) (AFP) - Gunmen on a speedboat in Nigeria's oil-producing south killed four policemen and kidnapped six Nigeria.

Asset: 1st May, 2014 Transnational Corporation of Nigeria (Transcorp) and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) signed a production shar. Asset: 1st April, 2014 After about one year of strategic planning and brainstorming, the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC), a subsidiary of. Asset: 1st March, 2014 Afren and its Partners commenced an extensive 2,716 km2 marine 3D seismic programme across OPL 310 and the neighbouring OML 113. Asset: Follow Us on In Partnership With Oil Map Nigeria Understand Discover Participate Company making IT easier.

Torrent download the office season 8. Clarksons Research’s series of industry standard offshore oil & gas maps cover 12 regions of the world in full colour, and are updated annually, highlighting developments in field exploration, development and production. Each map forms part of a comprehensive series, showing a vast amount of detailed information including oil and gas fields, discoveries, wells, areas and block numbers, operator names, oil and gas pipelines colour-coded by product, platform locations, oil refineries and gas processing plants. The Clarksons Research oil and gas map series is the perfect accessory for any office or meeting room wall. On and offshore data includes: • Held and open concession blocks • Oil and gas fields • Selected well locations • Oil and gas pipelines • Major cities/towns and ports • Oil refineries and gas processing plants • Oil and gas terminals • FPSO and FPS locations • Fixed platform locations • Bathymetry up to the 5000m contour • Names of selected new discoveries The 2017 West Africa Oil and Gas Activity and Concession Map is now available. Prices for rolled maps are £200 including postage and packing.