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Mac Identification Q&As (Identify Different Macs) Also see: To be notified of site updates, sign up for's. If you find this page useful, please it. Where can I locate the Serial Number on my Mac? Are Serial Numbers unique? What are the limitations identifying a specific Mac using the Serial Number?

Mac Serial Numbers can be located under the 'About This Mac' section of Mac OS X and on the hardware itself as well as on some packaging and receipts, making the identifier quite versatile for identification and differentiation. The easiest way to locate the Serial Number for a particular Mac is to select 'About This Mac' under the Apple Menu on your computer and click the 'More Info.' You should see a window similar to this one: Image Credit: In this example, from's own collection, the underlined Serial Number is enough to identify a single Mac and it is believed to be unique to this one particular model -- the. Please note, however, that not all Macs of a particular model have the same Serial Number characteristics.

Another reader also could have a, but it could have quite different identifying characteristics. Additionally, and unfortunately, Serial Number identifiers are not always unique to one Mac either, and this is a limitation overall.

Based on hands-on inspection and thousands of reader-submitted Serial Numbers there appear to be some different models in the,,,, and lines that share identifying information. There very well may be models in other lines that share identifying information, too. When Serial Number identifying information is shared they usually, but not always, are from the same subfamily.

One still should verify that an exact match for a Serial Number is correct and comprehensive using secondary identifiers whenever possible. Should you encounter a potential error or an omission in's, please it.

Another weakness of using Serial Numbers for identification is that repairs can alter or remove the serial number in software or hardware and/or provide conflicting Serial Number information. Occasionally, there are different Serial Numbers listed on the hardware and in software due to manufacturing error as well. In these situations, one will need to use alternate information to identify a particular Mac.

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Keeping a record of the MAC Addresses (Wi-Fi Addresses) and Serial Numbers for your computers, laptops, and mobile devices can be very helpful if any are lost or stolen. Keep the list of MAC Address and Serial Numbers in a secure place separate from you devices. In the event of a lost or stolen device, these numbers can be helpful in recovering it.

Use the instructions here to find your devices' MAC Addresses and Serial Numbers. Refer to device documentation/packaging for more information. IPhones, iPads Android tablets, phones for serial number, refer to device documentation PC computers Apple Computers.