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One of the most notable inclusions in this version is the Ribbon feature that can be found in Office 2011 for Windows. From tabs running across the top, you can now access all the functions of each application, giving you more screen real estate to concentrate on your actual documents. The other notable inclusion is the arrival of Outlook to Mac meaning Microsoft Office 2011 users can now use the mail and calendar client to communicate just as they can on Windows. Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac consists of Word (word processing) Excel (spreadsheets), PowerPoint (presentations) and Outlook (email and calendar manager) but also comes with Remote Desktop Connection, Microsoft Messenger (and its professional version Communicator) and Document Connect for sharing documents across networks. Among other major improvements, Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac brings a multitude of templates, themes and resources to enrich texts, spreadsheets and presentations. Communication is also taken to a new level through the use of Microsoft Messenger, Communicator and of course, Microsoft Outlook.

Epson drivers for mac Microsoft Office 2011 is far better integrated with OS X with a much slicker look and integration with Spotlight. Working between Office for Windows and Mac has also been significantly improved epitomized by Document Connect which allows multiple collaboration on the same documents across platforms. In summary, Microsoft has done its homework, providing Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac with all the improvements necessary to make it a much better Office suite to work with in OS X. By Anonymous PowerPoint for MAC 2011.


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I am still annoyed that Microsoft doesn't use the same user interface and offer the sam. PowerPoint for MAC 2011. I am still annoyed that Microsoft doesn't use the same user interface and offer the same options for MAC users as for PC users. I did the PC tutorial for Office 2010, but then a lot of the features were not available on my MAC. Very annoying. And when is MS Project going to be available for MAC?

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