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I still see a lot of people asking 'what's the best MongoDB client for Mac OS X' (besides the mongo shell console), so I think it would be only fair to share my experience. I've been using MongoDB a lot and for some reason I haven't been too comfortable using the shell console. I mean, you need an integrated code editor to fiddle with those somewhat verbose JSON-formatted queries. So I was constantly looking for alternatives; 18 months ago there was none I could find and learn to like, really, but now I really favour.

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Ricoh aficio mp c2050 multifunction ppd installer 2.0.0 for mac It gives you 'the full power of MongoDB shell', but in the same time you can easily save, load, edit your queries, do copy/paste, view your results as JSON/trees/tables. And yes, you do get a decent autocompletion:-). It's also cross-platform, free and open-source (GitHub repo ). Is another interesting alternative to keep an eye on; it has a more 'native' OS X feel but IMO it does lack a better query editor.

MongoDB GUI Tools RazorSQL provides MongoDB GUI tools for easily querying, browsing, editing, and managing MongoDB databases. Listed below are examples of MongoDB GUI tools provided by RazorSQL.

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The following is a screen shot of the MongoDB query builder tool. The following is a screen shot of the MongoDB edit collection GUI tool that allows users to edit, copy, insert, and delete data. The following is a screen shot of the MongoDB database browser that allows users to browse MongoDB databases and collections. RazorSQL also offers many other MongoDB tools such as MongoDB import and export tools, and much more. It's necessary restart my pc to run the container. See the main Page for more information.