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You might also checkout Equation Service by Doug Rowland. You can use it to typeset LaTex to PDF and paste the PDF to the clipboard for import into Keynote. Here is what Doug said about Keynote and Equation Service on the OS X TeX mailing list. ## A word about Keynote and Equation Service: Keynote does not directly support 'text to PDF' services.

The way services work in Cocoa is that a given service-providing app (e.g. Equation Service) declares which kinds of inputs it can take in and what kinds of outputs it can spit out. Right now Equation Service must take in a string of text, and it can spit out PDF or TIFF. With the 'typeset to pasteboard' service, it has a new kind of service that takes in strings and spits out 'nothing'.

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Then, the service-requesting app (e.g. Keynote) sets up a list of services it is willing to support. For example, many Cocoa apps support 'send string, receive string' (ala CalcService) and 'send string, receive nothing' (ala GoogleSearch). Keynote does not currently support 'send string, receive PDF'. It does, however, support 'send string, receive nothing', which means it works with the new 'typeset to pasteboard' service.

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Keynote also does not support arbitrary placement of graphics inside text boxes. Sniper ghost warrior 1. Right now, to include graphics inside a 'text box' you have to use tables or bullets, both of which have some limitations. I have sent an email to the Keynote development team describing the changes they could make to help Equation Service integrate more smoothly, and they have responded with moderate interest.

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Jun 17, 2010  If all else fails you could take a screenshot from word (Apple+Shift+4) and drag the resulting file into Keynote. Or even simpler. Take a screenshot to the clipboard with (Apple+Ctrl+Shift+4) and paste it into Keynote.

It might be a lot of work for them, though, so in the meantime the 'typeset to pasteboard' works well enough. (Sorry for reposting this, the > was un-entitized when I previewed and cut off some of post. Seems like a bug)You don't consider something like this a security issue? This is essentially what your code does: system('echo $ARGV[0]'); Now, if the script was named and called like: ';mail [email protected]

The reason I don't consider that a security issue is that if you've got access to perl and the command prompt anyway you can just get the file without faffing around with my script. Sure it's a bad idea but it doesn't give an attacker any extra abilities they don't already have - unlike your point about tmp. Unless I'm missing something very obvious in which case I'll accept your point. Megaseg 5.7.3 for mac. I tend to just write this sort of thing for my own use, and like I said would let other people fix bugs etc. That would be a security issue IF the script were being called from the Web or an unprivileged environment.