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Only for those who needs to see Marathi text in android phone which are not support Marathi fonts by system. You don't need this app if you use English only.

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In some phones like Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Intex, Carbonn, Micromax, HTC and Sony series Marathi font is not supporting. So we created this app to help those peoples whose phone does not supports Marathi font. Free tv from india in kerala on pc for mac.

Free 189 marathi fonts. Hello all, Today we are posting list of free marathi and devnagari fonts for you. This is biggest (189 fonts) collection of marathi fonts on internet. This great collection was created. Download TTF file and move file to pics art > font folder and enjoy many more style and colors. Reboot the device and enjoy the Marathi. Download Microsoft Bing ringtones – Free! Marathi devanagari Unicode Fonts on Android mobile.

Wacom cte-430 driver for mac. Once you see text in Marathi, you can send the message via other apps such as SMS, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Google Docs, WhatsApp Messenger and so on. These apps may show boxes but don't worry, your recipient should able to see it. You can not translate English to Marathi translation or Marathi to English translation in this app.

You can just see Marathi font in our application to read. Not Marathi translation.

Now a days many people are buying android devices. Cheap Android mobile phones are available from Rs 4000.

But most of them lack the support for Unicode fonts i.e. Devanagari fonts like Marathi, Hindi, etc. After searching a bit I got many tricks to enable and install the font. So I am sharing one good trick that actually worked on my Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 on Android version 2.3. REMEMBER – This works only on rooted Android devices and will not work on Non-routed Android Devices or other phones like Windows and Symbian based Nokia mobiles. We need to access (read/write) the Android file system and so it is necessary to have your device rooted.

You can root your device using this APK –. Other way, Google for “How to root android mobile” and follow the steps. Now Let’s come to the main point Steps to Install Hindi font on Android. • Download and Install. • After installing the app you will need to enable the Root Explorer. For that purpose Open “ES File Explorer” go to settings –> check “Root Explorer”. Also check “Mount File System” option so that we can write and file system.


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• Download and save these fonts on your device’s /system/font/ directory. (It will replace the fonts from that directory so be careful) • •. • Reboot the device and enjoy the Marathi, Hindi messages and mails on your android device WARNING – READ. Ads by Google Possibly similar posts • • • 34 Comments • AnujD said: Sep 13, 2014 at 12:08 pm There is also another issue for rooted devices – Whatsapp/Hike Smileys. When you put a smiley and click “Backspace” it does not get deleted immediately.