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  1. Mac Tools Taskmaster Update
  2. Mac Taskmaster Diagnostic Scanner

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Mac Tools Taskmaster Update

Downloads Update Instructions The Mac Tools Scanning Suite software is used to update scan tool. It also contains the software necessary to print data stored in the tool. Download and install Scanning Suite 1.

Mac Taskmaster Diagnostic Scanner

Igi pc games free download. Click the Mac Tools Scanning Suite 4.3 link and save the file to your PC. A fter the file is downloaded, double click the icon to begin the installation. Complete the installation as prompted. Prepare the Scan Tool 4. Plug your tool into the USB port on your PC via the USB cable.

Arrow down to System Setup and press ENTER, then arrow down to Program Mode and press ENTER. Update the Scan Tool 6. Open Scanning Suite on the PC by double clicking the Mac LaunchPad icon on your desktop or find it in Start/Programs/Scanning Suite/Mac/LaunchPad. Click the Tool Update button. The ScanLoader application will open.

Click Next to continue and follow the instructions as prompted on the screen. The update will complete and the tool will display Success. You may now disconnect the tool and close the Scanning Suite application.

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