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When IT pushes hard disk drives (HDD) arrays to reach their I/O potential, data “hot spots” become inevitable. Utilizing a small solid state drive (SSD) investment as a front-side flash cache for the much larger disk array, MegaRAID® CacheCade® Pro 2.0 software dynamically keeps the “hottest” data in flash memory. This can dramatically improve read/write speeds and drop latency.


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The differences in port placement of the 9265 and 9266 are shown in the graphic I created, and in this related, recent article: All of this LSI info was admittedly far more difficult to find than it should be. Let's hope this will be cleared up once the 9266 card, and the separate CacheCade Pro 2.0. The LSI Fastpath software key is an allusive feature. Cachecade is destroying Sequential reads but. ServeTheHome and ServeThe.Biz Forums.

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• Unlock substantial performance gains from HDD arrays with minimal SSD investment • Assign and manage the SSD pool with intuitive management software • Eliminate or reduce wasted capacity caused by short-stroking hard disk drives • Extend HDD longevity by reducing wear from the most commonly accessed data.