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1 decade ago Brig & Flav arrive at the Hard Rock Las Vegas and discover a suite full of gifts. They go gambling and to a strip club, but they bicker over each other flirting with other people. Brigitte gives a guy chips.

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Flavor gets a lap dance. The next morning, they have breakfast in the room and then a couple's massage. They have a conversation about their relationship where Flav tells her that Mattia is only after her for her money. At dinner, Flav tells Brigitte to move to Vegas.

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Love Strange Love Full Movie

He wants to have a child with her. They go gambling; Flav snaps at Brigitte (he doesn't like to be touched while gambling) and she goes to bed alone. He stays up and loses all his money. 1 decade ago Flav takes Brigitte to church in his hometown of Freeport. They are enjoying the service until Flav's daughters show up (wearing deadbeat dad t-shirts). A big ugly fight on the church steps ensues. Back at Flav's mama's they have a family barbecue.

Love Strange Love Full Movie Free Online

Brigitte meets the family and is overwhelmed. Flav's angry daughters and their mother glare from across the street. Brigitte meets Flav's baby mama and gives her their phone numbers. Flav freaks out. Brigitte is at a loss how to deal with Flav and his baggage. Back at the hotel, Flav tells her they need to get out of New York.