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Olympia Press. Such as the later Beeline and Liverpool Library. Calga, Candlelight, Carousel, Challenge, Chariot, Classical Library. Open Library is an initiative of the Internet Archive, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Other projects include the Wayback Machine, and

Sleaze Covers are arranged alphabetically by publisher. Click the group of books beginning with: Beacon Midwood Midwood Tower Greenleaf Labels: Other Adult Publishers Alphabetically beginning with: I define 'sleaze' as using sensationalism to explore the borders of what is considered acceptable in the current literary environment. The closer a book, topic or cover gets to that line, the 'sleazier' it is. If it crosses the line, it would pick up such monikers as 'radical,' 'pornographic,' 'underground' or 'XXX.'

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HOW the publisher accomplished the 'Sleaze' image sometimes made all the difference. Many of these books published in the 50's and 60's might have been marketed as hardboiled mystery or romance novels, but the publisher believed that the work could make a larger profit by packaging it as a sexually oriented work. I sort of put 'Sleaze' into two categories. First is the type of publication used sex to sell books that might otherwise be categorized as mystery or romance. The second type of publisher wanted to sell 'sex books' but couldn't because the U.S. Gradequick download mac. Court System still had a very broad definition of 'pornography,' which was illegal. And so, they pressed the edges of that particular envelope very hard, and often had books questioned in court.

In the case of the first category (sort of the 'R-rated' sleaze books) the largest publishers were Beacon and Midwood. Beacon was the first regular paperback-sized book published by the Universal Publishing Company, which also issued such labels as Uni Books, Intimate, Royal Giant, Stallion and Fiesta. The Beacon label would eventually give way to Softcover Library, starting somewhere around #B800, but it kept the same lighthouse colophon. Midwood was published by Tower Publications. Beginning with #32-400, they are identified as Midwood Tower Books.

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Later in its run, Midwood would print more and more photo covers, often on 'Double-Novels.' These cover pictures tended to be generic presentations of scantily clad women, and usually had no bearing whatever to the works themselves. Collector Jim Mix tries to make some sense out of Midwood-Tower's strange numbering system. To read excerpts from his email to me, click. In the second category (the 'sex books'), the largest publisher was Greenleaf, which had numerous labels (seen at the left). See my brief blog post about Greenleaf in the ' section.