L5r 4th Edition Character Creation

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I keep saying there’s not much to say about skills. Let’s see whether I forecasted well.

Newb The newb character is actually quite odd. Consider this, Batman. If you start with 40 points, as many a campaign do, and you receive 4xp per session as many a HoR mod does, then you are doubled up after 10 sessions. That may seem far off, for HoR that’s about a year of play. So, let’s scale that back some. After five sessions, you are a 60xp character. There’s a mighty difference between 40xp and 60xp, like somewhere around 50% difference.

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Point being that you shouldn’t be a newb very long. So, there’s quite a bit of thought in how to build a newb character that doesn’t dai tsuchi itself in the foot when advancement occurs. To a certain extent, this is true with any newb character when GMs either don’t allow or make more expensive advantages after character creation, but advantages was a different post, let’s get back to skills. Don’t pay for skills, newb.

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That’s the general rule. Nothing should be above R-1. Now, yes, there are certain skills that all characters must have, your character must have, or whatever. Investigation is the obvious skill to spend 1xp on if you can’t get it out of your school skills. Before going into the “okay, I’ll splurge for 1xp to get this non-school skill” skills, let’s take a moment to talk about buying skills above R-1 in the newb world.

With a couple of exceptions. The primary exception is when you plan on participating in the Topaz Championship, then R-2 in Iaijutsu is warranted so that you cheese your initial character build to victory (note, if you aren’t Void 3, you aren’t going to win). Another exception is if you don’t plan on playing the character much. A HoR alt, for instance, might start with R-2 in some skill to give it mechanical personality, maybe even Battle 3 for a PC intended primarily for Battle Interactives.

Printable L5r 4th Edition Character Sheet

A character who will only do one thing that doesn’t involve combat, like a Medicine character I built, can move into a specific skill at higher ranks, but these characters are often not that functional and not that interesting. What about combat skills? Yes, Jiujutsu 3, Kenjutsu 3, or Kyujutsu 3 are options. The second is more likely as the need to get to R-7 in Kenjutsu is so high that you were going to spend XP on it rather than Traits, anyway. Kyujutsu 3 is for the mastery ability, under the assumption that you don’t magically have your bow strung all of the time. Jiujutsu 3 has elements of both wanting the mastery (more important than +1k0 damage with swords) and planning on spending those XP anyway, assuming a Jiujutsu 7 build. If not a Jiujutsuist, then no, cannot waste 5xp on Jiujutsu in newb world.