Install Redsail Cutting Plotter Usb Driver Download

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Easy Cut Studio available for all Redsail Vinyl Cutters We are excited to announce that Easy Cut Studio has been updated to version 4. ProgramModelling the p47 thunderbolt download for mac. 1.03. This latest version is fully compatible with Redsail Vinyl Cutter. From now on, Redsail Cutting Machine Users can easily use Easy Cut Studio to design. Easy Cut Studio is a professional sign making and vinyl cutting software available for Mac and Windows. In this industry, it’s well known for its easy design layout and customizable cutter setting. This software is compatible with hundreds of vinyl cutting machines but Redsail vinyl cutter wasn’t available before. After receiving suggestions from couple of Redsail users, we immediately contacted the technicians of Redsail Cutting Machine manufacturer.

Install Redsail Cutting Plotter Usb Driver Download

Redsail Plotter Driver

You can download these help files. Vinyl Cutter Help Files cutting plotter User Manual. 340 USB Driver. File Name: Redsail RS720C Cutter Plotter USB This is a clean file, not password-protected and it installs without errors. This download is valid for the product(s) listed below.

With their assistance, finally this software is perfectly compatible with all Redsail Vinyl Cutters. Now both Windows and Mac users can enable Redsail Cutter using Easy Cut Studio and make direct cutting. Combining Redsail Cutting Machine with Easy Cut Studio turns into a monster which takes your sign making work into whole new level. This software supports all the Redsail Vinyl Cutter including: • Redsail RS360C • Redsail RS450C • Redsail RS500C • Redsail RS720C • Redsail RS800C • Redsail RS1120C • Redsail RS1360C • Redsail RS1600 • Redsail RS1780 • Redsail RS2000 The step by step guide you to set up your Redsail vinyl cutter: To use Redsail Vinyl Cutter in Easy Cut Studio, we first have to specify which machine you will be using. From the Cutter menu select My Cutter > Manage Cutters.

From the various available options, select and add Redsail to My Cutter List. From the Company/Brand drop-down menu select Redsail. From the Model drop-down menu select RS and the click Add to list. Create or import your design and click the Cutter icon from the toolbar. And then it will open Cut Settings window.