How To Spot A Fake Missouri Drivers License

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The Penalties for Fake ID possession in Missouri. In Missouri, forgery is a very serious crime. Identity theft is defined as obtaining, copying or transferring someone’s personal identifying information (such as a drivers license) without his or her consent. At the license office, the applicant receives a temporary, paper document and may keep the old license card, which will be punched “VOID.” The permanent license will be produced at a single, secure facility, and arrive in the mail at an applicant’s home within 7 to 10 business days. Overall, time spent in the license office should decrease.

March 21, 2005 4:03 p.m. In just a few months, the license in your wallet will be obsolete. That's because the state of Alabama is ready to launch a completely new design and the changes may surprise you.

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The present license has a design that's easily to duplicate. Teens have made rip-offs for years and bought alcohol. The new design should prevent all that. Starting this winter, the Alabama driver's license will include new features: a 2-d barcode, magnetic stripe and a state seal, visible only under ultraviolet light. Also new, a vertical ID for minors.

Gas station manager Ali Kalhori welcomes the change. 'Especially right now, with spring break, a lot of teens are looking for trouble,' Kalhori said. Ali has seen countless fake IDs passed over his counter. He keeps this manual to distinguish real IDs from fake ones.

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The new re-design should stop that and a whole lot more. State officials claim the redesign takes identity protection to the next level.


But it won't stop fake ID purchases. WAFF went on-line to uncover fake ID vendors. It didn't take us long to find this whole list of them, even sites selling fake Alabama IDs. Regardless, the new license will be hard to duplicate.