Henry Repeating Arms Serial Numbers

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I just made a traffic stop on a known drug dealer and found a Henry Repeating Arms 22 cal lever action behind the seat. No big deal I know but the guy.

One Million Sold And Counting - Henry Repeating Arms Reaches Historic Milestone - Serial Number One-Million Iconic firearms manufacturer announces the production of the one-millionth Henry Lever Action.22 rifle in its 20th Anniversary year. Designed by Benjamin Tyler Henry. And the Volcanics manufactured by the Volcanic Repeating Arms. The serial number of Henry rifles are found on the. Henry Repeating Arms Donates Serial #1 and Henry from 1865 to NRA Auction – Bid Now BAYONNE, NJ – Henry Repeating Arms has donated a legendary Henry lever-action rifle from 1865 and serial number one of their new Original Henry rifle line to be auctioned together at the National NRA Foundation Banquet and Auction on Thursday, April 24.


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