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Hey folks, We’re excited to be launching the Guild Wars 2 Mac 64-bit Test Client today (June 21, 2017), and want to offer you an opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions in this forum thread. All you need is an active Guild Wars 2 account to download the Mac. That the PC client connects to. To bring Guild Wars 2. Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2. Download Game. GUILDWARS2.COM; Forums. Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, Heart of Thorns, Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, ArenaNet, NCSOFT, the Interlocking NC Logo. I'm looking into playing GW2 but I cant download the client for the life of me. Every time I click to download the client I get.

Is Guild Wars 2 offered in a Mac® version? Guild Wars 2 is available in both Windows® and Mac versions.

What hardware do I need to run the Mac version of Guild Wars 2? The Mac client runs well on the following machines or better.

Your results may vary if you’ve upgraded or changed your hardware or are running on lower hardware specifications. • iMac 21.5', 27' (Late 2013) • MacBook Pro 13', 15' (Late 2013) • Mac Pro (Late 2013) • Mac Mini (Late 2014) What Mac OS will Guild Wars 2 support? The Mac client supports Mavericks (10.9) forward. How do I get the Mac client? You can download the Mac client from the. Will I need to buy different versions of Guild Wars 2 for Windows and Mac? If you purchase Guild Wars 2, you may download both clients and play on Windows and/or Mac, as you desire.

If you’ve purchased a physical version of Guild Wars 2, you’ll need to go to account management to download the client since Windows installation discs are not compatible with a Mac. Can Mac and Windows players play together on the same world? Windows and Mac beta players can play together on any available Guild Wars 2 world. Is there an additional charge if I want to play on both Windows and Mac?

Once you purchase Guild Wars 2, you can play on both Windows and Mac beta versions without a subscription fee and without an additional fee. Is there a forum for Mac technical support issues?

Please post your feedback and issues in the on the Guild Wars 2 Forums.

Ticket times: Due to long backlog the ticket times are longer than usual, New to Guild Wars 2? Check out our. Returning player? Strives to be a place where you can share your Guild Wars 2 experiences and partake in discussions with players from around the world.

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Right-click and choose 'Show Package Contents' • Navigate Contents -> Resources -> transgaming -> c_drive -> GW2 • Rename gw2.exe to oldgw2. Mac exe • Rename gw2.tmp to gw2.exe. • Launch GW2. The launcher will start and will begin the download. I'm downloading now. Once the update is complete I will quit and relaunch to confirm whether this fix persists or not.

Edit: The fix persists through multiple launches. Edit: per GMGus this fix is only a short-term solution. Unless you revert back to the gw2.exe file future patches won't work. Google docs suite for mac. Edit: It's fixed. Hotfix was released and it's working just fine. Guild Wars 2 process launches, but not the cider process.

Since the forums are down here's the console log of the error: • WindowServer[161]: disable_update_likely_unbalanced: UI updates still disabled by application 'Guild Wars 2' after 15.00 seconds (server forcibly re-enabled them after 1.00 seconds). Likely an unbalanced disableUpdate call.


First and foremost, thank you for all the hard work! Really looking forward to migrating to the new client. I've tried it briefly, and while the general performance isn't quite on par with the old client yet, maps seem to load a lot faster. The main reason I'm still sticking with 32 bit client is that a) the UI of the new client is huge even on the smallest setting (a completed heart task pop-up fills up the entire screen, for example) and b) the new client doesn't seem to recognize some keys of a Finnish keyboard at all.