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In my experience, the generic PostScript driver is no good unless I am just printing an A4 simple file. The printer I am using is a XeroxPhaser 7760 and without the original driver I have only access to some basic settings. May 10, 2012  'Acrobat' PostScript Printer? I went here and download PostScript Printer Driver. I can use Adobe Postscript Printer Driver here for Mac.

Adobe PostScript Printer Driver is recommended for use with all Adobe PostScript printers, film recorders, and imagesetters. The driver features advanced functionality, such as support for all Adobe PostScript Level 1 and Level 2 products, EPS and PostScript file generation from any application, automatic setup and printer configuration, support for ColorSync 2.0, and direct JPEG image printing for Level 2 products.

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Version 8.5.x can be used in place of any previous version of Adobe PostScript Printer Driver 8.x or LaserWriter 8.x. It also provides an enhanced user interface that simplifies the print-setup and printing processes. Among other things, the new interface enables you to change printers within the Print dialog box, rather than only through the Chooser.

I have a Mac Book Pro with a Parallel Desktop 9 to run Windows I need to install one of these two Drivers: 1-Generic/Postscript driver or 2-The Driver for a HP LaserJet 1300 printer. Where can I find those driver? I will be installing them on my Windows 8.1 that is installed on my Parallel Desktop 9 for Mac. Can someone give me the link to go straight to where I just have to click on that link to download either one or the other or both of those drivers? Note: I am not a Computer Geek or a Computer Wizard. Please, give the instruction step by step; do not take for granted that I know everything.

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This section of the instructions applies to Mac OSX versions 10.6 “Snow Leopard” and above only. Download indian style files for yamaha keyboard Installing Popup To install Popup 8.0 for Mac OS X, obtain the Popup installer and run it as follows: • Log in using an adminsistrator account. • Download the file to your desktop. • Double click the download, unzip the file, and this will create a file called Popup.dmg.