G4 Fan Control 0 5 G4fancontrol 0 6 1 Purchase For Mac

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The computer's cooling fan typically operates on default presets, but for those who want to customize, Fan Control for Mac is an easy-to-use application that adds the ability to control fan operation from the user's preferences menu. The free application has no restrictions. Download completed quickly, but the program's installed location was difficult to find. The program, itself, is easy to use and installs an extra option on the computer's overall preferences menu.

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Once this is selected, an easy-to-read but dated menu appears. There are no user instructions, but they aren't really needed either. It also did not appear that technical support was available. The application allows modification of the fan's base speed, as well as the low and high threshold temperatures. The current presets are also easy to read for all user levels, although the usefulness of changing these values would only be high for advanced Mac owners. Changing the preferences did appear to impact when the fan started, however. While functional, Fan Control for Mac's ability to modify fan presets would only appeal to a small number of users.

G4 Fan Control 0 5 G4fancontrol 0 6 1 Purchase For Mac

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So I decided to go to Tiger because the requirements are WAY lower than Leopard. I learned my Memorex DVDs don't work on PowerBooks as well during the process. I went the USB route, LightBulbFan guided me through the entire process. After 30 minutes of hair pulling, Tiger booted up! The performance of Tiger is amazing. When I was on Leopard, I got G4 Fan Control(0.5) but the entire UI would slide when you toggled the settings making it unusable.

Now that I am on Tiger, I was hoping G4FC would work but it won't open. It pops up in the dashboard and then disappears.

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