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Directed by Screenplay by, • • • 116min Release date in South Korea: 2007/08/15 Also known as 'Love Now' Synopsis Yeong-joon and So-yeo are a young couple with their marriage relatively stable. On a day their mutual friend opens a wine bar, they come across Min-jae and Yoo-na, a couple quite the opposite of themselves. After a trade of talks, Yeong-joon becomes a client of fashion consultant Yoo-na, while hotelier Min-jae agrees to help So-yeo book a hotel for her Hong Kong business trip. So-yeo meets Min-jae by chance in Hong Kong, while Yeong-joon trades suggestive remarks with Yoo-na who visits him on a consulting session.

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Free download korean movie changing partnership

That night, the four of them find in the other partner what had been missing in their respective marriages. You're reading the news with potential spoilers,, • 2016/12/10 Yoo-na (played by ) is a generally cranky fashion consultant with a laidback upbeat hotelier husband by the name of Min-jae (played by ).

By chance, they meet a younger couple. Yeong-joon (played by ) is a rude businessman with a reputation for accomplishment whereas his wife So-yeo (played by ) works with lighting, and enjoys the small beauties in life. If you thought these couples are mismatched, worry not.

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