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مجموعه فونت فارسی - Persian Font. (برای مک) - Skype Mac. Free Font Renamer v2.1. Download32 is source for farsi fonts driver shareware. Farsi Fonts For Mac: Farsi Fonts Windows Vista Freeware. Free Software Downloads Submit Software.

Persian Fonts Font Download and Installation Instructions for all downloadable fonts mentioned below on this page. Info on how to get a much improved keyboard for your Windows computer is. Atlas ti mac free download Free Unicode-Compliant, Beautiful and Fully functional Persian fonts for Windows, Mac and Linux: Download each font separately. They come as zip files which you must unzip (extract) before installing. If you are looking for the beautiful 'Nazanin' font, that is called 'Kayhan' in this set. Note that you don't have to download special fonts to type Persian. The Times New Roman, Tahoma, Geeza Pro fonts already on your computer will do the job and are also Unicode-compliant and work just fine.

As we said above, there already exist some fonts on your computer that are shipped with all Windows (and Mac) computers which will suffice for Persian. You just didn't realize it because they have names like Times New Roman, Tahoma and Geeza Pro which don't sound very Persian but they do, in fact, contain the Persian subset. Try them out, you'll see!

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Farsi Fonts For Mac Free Download

The advantage of these is that they are Unicode-compliant and when you send a typed document to a friend, you can rest assured he or she will not get a bunch of garbage characters due to not having the same font. Tahoma is the most common font to be seen on Persian websites. Unfortunately, beauty is not one of the attributes of these webfonts and the Persian connoisseur generally finds them difficult to look at, at least at first. Most Persian users have gradually made their peace with Tahoma and so there is hope for you too!

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The good thing about Tahoma is that it is well 'hinted' and can be seen clearly at the smaller sizes and that is why it is more popular than Times New Roman and others which are really hard to see at low resolution/small font size. More info on Persian core fonts Trivia on the origins of the word Tahoma: Will the please stand up! (The building left, front is where this page was created!) What 'Tahoma' means. Persian font: Please get the recently improved beta version of the 'Iran Nastaliq' font from the makers. 'IranNastaliq' was used to make these for training the retina to recognize 'blocks' of script with a vertical as well as horizontal dimension.