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Most of the time, family trees are used to explain the pedigree and the relationship between family members across different generations. It is called a family ‘tree’ because of the conventional tree structure. This structure best tells the story of a family’s roots and how it branches out (the branches indicating the offsprings or children). You can make sample templates on any Microsoft Word document file and get it edited every time there is any new addition to the family. Are also helpful for the future generations as they provide a simple glimpse of their origins and their pasts so make sure to leave your family tree with enough space so that the future generations could add their own entries to it.

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Choose any of these Family Tree Templates Family trees are brilliant tools to help anyone showcase his or her lineage’s glorious history and background. And to help you achieve this, we have curated some of the best available online line. Also included in this list are online family tree generators that you can use to track and create your own digital family trees. Check them all out below! Simple Family Tree Template.

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Family Tree Template for Mac. One can easily basic create comprehensive apple trees in the templates as they are studded with loads of information. Family tree templates from SmartDraw are so easy to use there's virtually no learning curve. Simply open one up and start adding information. Here's how it works.

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File Format • Word This free family tree graph incorporates space for up to four (4) generations within your family. You may easily add more generations into the template as long as you know how to use different editing software programs. This family tree template incorporates enough space for the name, date of birth or death, and origin for each family member while making sure that the template is free of charge. You may also see. Blank Family Tree Template If you have to create a sample, make sure to keep the places blank before you put the names and their relationship with each other.


For example, the text boxes for the father and mother’s names are the common boxes that will be pre-determined and included in the template. While the rest of the text boxes on the family tree should be kept black so that you can add new member names as the family grows. Beautiful Family Tree Template.