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Download SolverTable.xla and SolverTable1.xla to a location that is easy to access (e.g. The Desktop or a folder on your desktop). You can also download a version of the tutorial for the Mac. O For Solver that ships with Excel 2016. (for a one-way or two-way table).

Watch this page for free downloads as they become available. Random Functions Add-In: The upcoming (mid-2019) 7 th edition of our DADM book will include an add-in written by Albright that, among other things, includes a simulation program. In the meantime, however, you can freely download the part of this add-in used to generate random numbers from a variety of probability distributions. First read the following:. Then install the add-in:. (Works only with Excel 2010 or higher for Windows) Excel tutorial: Here is the free version of my Excel tutorial:.

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Paleontology on flowvella. I know I might be going out on a limb here, but does anyone know if it is possible to run the Solver Table Add-in (on the mac version of excel?

(It provides information for upgrading to a more complete version called ExcelNow! Metasys launcher latest version ) You can also download a version of the tutorial for the Mac:. By comparing these, you can see which features in Excel for Windows are not included in Excel for the Mac. Analysis ToolPak Guide: This is a supplement to our books for those of you who would like to use Excel’s built-in Analysis ToolPak add-in, rather than StatTools, for statistical analysis.


The zip file contains a pdf version of the guide and accompanying data files: SolverTable Add-in: Each version below has a corresponding Help file (a Word file) that you should read before contacting me about problems. Each zip file below contains only two files: the.xla or.xlam add-in file and the Word help file. You should unzip both to the same folder (any folder of your choice) and then read the help file for more instructions. The next two bullets address some possible problems users have had. O SolverTable fix: For those of you who have problems with SolverTable, here are instructions for a possible fix:. O SolverTable tip for international users: A user from outside the US discovered why his SolverTable wasn’t working.

The problem was in the numerical settings (decimal symbols and list separators), and the fix was to change these in Windows settings. I’m not sure how common this problem might be, but if you’re outside the US and your SolverTable isn’t working, this is worth a try. O For Solver that ships with Excel 2016: ¨ This version is basically the same as the 2013 version. O For Solver that ships with Excel 2013:, ¨ This version wasn’t created because SolverTable 2010 wouldn’t work with Excel 2013.