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For Suikoden on the PlayStation, GameFAQs has 21 save games.'s game information and ROM (ISO) download page for Suikoden (v1.1) (Sony Playstation). Trouble continuing saved data from Suikoden I. - It's beacuse this is an emulator which has different system compared with the real PSX?? Then the save file. For Suikoden II on the PlayStation, GameFAQs. Hero from Suikoden 1 accessible. Use this save if you want to transfer data from Suikoden 2 to Suikoden 3.

I don't really understand about this problem, but when i want to load my game data from Suikoden I to Suikoden II with ePSXe emulator, it was failed. It said that there wasn't any Suikoden I saved data at my memory card. I can't figure it out what's wrong with this problem? Kasauti zindagi ki serial title song mp3 free download.


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When i check from it's BIOS, i still have my Suikoden I saved data in my memory card. Download one piece episode sub indo 3gp. (but of course it not the real memory card, because this is an emulator) and i saved in the correct place of the game (it said that i should saved at the last saved point so that i can load the saved data at the beginning of Suikoden II. Everything was fine with ePSXe, i can play every game, and never had any trouble. Except with this one. Apache ofbiz installation windows 10.

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I still can play both games, Suikoden I and Suikoden II separately. Because they're different games, but i can't load the last saved data from Suikoden I to II, which is can do with real PSX. My PC is in a good condition, with also good spesification. I think it's OK with my PC. So why it's still unreadable? - It's beacuse this is an emulator which has different system compared with the real PSX?? - Is it because it's different game??

Suikoden I and Suikoden II?? - Or there're some troubles with my PC?? I dunno, you have any idea??

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Thx Maybe i should asked