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We have a SSRS 2008 (not R2) instance with a few hundred reports, and now, on a new machine we have installed a 2012 instance of SSRS. We need to migrate all the reports, while keeping all their rights and privileges, plus the datasources with credentials (some of them have local data sources). Is there a way to achieve this? The high number of reports does not allow us do it manually one by one.

There are posts on the new site about the tool. Can someone please pass on a copy of RSScripter. You can download attachments. How do I copy SSRS reports to a new server if I am not the. Name is RSScripter. Microsoft have a migration tool: Home / SQL Server Blog / Using RSScripter to Migrate your RDLs. To read more about this tool or to download the tool. When you run the RSScripter tool this.

Download Rsscripter Tool. Migrating SQL Reporting Services to a new server can be an intensive job in case you have to download and import all the. Fork of ReportSync Tool to sync SSRS reports between to servers.

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We tried to migrate a report, but as I said, the rights and credentials were lost. Thank you in advance! Best is to use Reporting Services Scripter is a.NET Windows Forms application that enables the scripting and transfer of groups of SSRS catalog items from one server to another or from one SSRS folder to another on the same server. Reporting Services Scripter is flexible and lets you transfer catalog item properties, such as serverside report parameters, Subscriptions (both normal and data-driven), Descriptions, History options, and Execution options (including both report-specific schedule and shared schedule execution options) to other SQL Server instances. Kevin Kline highlights the functionality and there is a good article by Dale Kelly for migrating reports using RSScripter. Another way is to use the power of PowerShell.

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There are many script available like and. There is other utility (which I have not used) called.

Anyone happen to have this tool handy? I used in the past to successfully migrate a 2005 SSRS instance to 2208 R2 and am in a similar boat now. Sadly it looks like no longer exists and is now hosted on There are posts on the new site about the tool, but all of the links still point back to: I investigated the new MS SSRS Migration Tool. Looks promising but there are several restrictions which prevent me from using it: - First and foremost, source and target SSRS instances must be SSRS 2008 R2 or newer - The target server must be configured in SharePoint integrated mode Any help would be appreciated, thanks!! MM select geometry::STGeomFromWKB(0x00003DD8CCCCCCCCCC000000003DD8CCCCCCCCCC08408014AE47E17AFC3F00104000CDCCCCCCCCEC3F9C13408014AE47E17AFC3F9C00000000000000003D09B00000003D09B93F8014AE47E17AFC3F00F03F00CDCCCCCCCCEC3FA6FE3F8014AE47E17AFC3FA6FE3F00F0003D3D00003D, 0). You can't post new topics.