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Download MAC DRIVE for free. MAC DRIVE 6 A Windows based application for using machintoch media on a pc.

Download Macdrive For Windows

MacDrive has long been the standard for Windows users to easily and seamlessly open, edit and save files from Mac-formatted disks, but now we are taking things a step further. MacDrive 6 for Windows enables PC users to open, edit, and save files on Mac disks (HFS/HFS+). You can even format Mac disks and burn Mac CDs and DVDs.

MacDrive 6 also expands on the ability to format Mac disks (HFS/HFS+) by enabling you to partition your hard drives with the MacDrive Disk Manager. What's more, MacDrive protects your partitions from harm by Windows disk tools and warns you if your drives were not properly shut down. Along with the ability to burn and partition, all the power MacDrive has added to your Windows PC is even better in MacDrive 6. We have dramatically increased the speed when dealing with large files sets, we have improved and simplified the control panel and we have expanded support for various Mac files types.

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With MacDrive 9 Standard, you can access, manage, and even create and format disk drives for Apple's Mac OS from inside Windows Explorer. Sinking simulator mac download. Not just hard drives, but removable USB drives, too. MacDrive can repair damaged Mac disks, burn Mac-compatible CDs and DVDs, and do other things disk managers are supposed to do. Pros Peace: MacDrive's peace symbol icon emphasizes the software's mission: cross-platform peace and seamless interoperability between the Mac and Windows worlds. Create Mac disks: MacDrive can create, format, and modify drives in Mac OS Standard (HFS), Mac OS Extended (HFS+), and Mac OS Extended (case-sensitive; HFSX). Advanced options: We could prevent changes to Mac disks, customize MacDrive's compatibility with earlier versions of Windows and Mac OS, and select files to view in dual-format hybrid CDs and DVDs. Cons Balky disk list: Mac-to-Windows interoperability can be a bit slow or balky at times.

For instance, the MacDrive Disk Manager's drive list wouldn't or couldn't scroll until after we'd formatted a Mac drive. Cheaper alternatives: If all you want to do is transfer files between a Mac and PC, cheaper and easier options aren't hard to find (Dropbox, for example). Bottom Line If you own or support both Windows and Mac machines, MacDrive 9 Standard can make your life much easier. Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of MacDrive Standard.

Download Macdrive

Written By Victor Cheng Linux and Mac OS users can easily access Windows files, but it doesn't happen the other way around. MacDrive is a software utility designed for users who need to access, format and manage Mac discs. This useful tool allows you to read discs formatted with HFS (Apple's proprietary file system) as if it were a compatible disc. With this excellent program, just connect your Mac drive to your computer and it will be automatically displayed as any flash drive would. The only difference is that Mac drives will be displayed with an apple icon. MacDrive is easy to install: simply follow a few simple steps and you will be ready to access any Mac-formatted disc, including CDs, DVDs and flash drives. MacDrive features a CD/DVD creator to burn Mac CDs and DVDs with just a few clicks, Easily format and partition Mac discs, move files between a Mac and a PC with this powerful application.