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Yakyuken special psx iso

Download Game Ps1/Psx ISO High Compressed Bagi anda yang lahir di Era 90’s Apakah anda ingat permainan masa kecil dulu seperti: Tamia. Byblade, Yoyo, Tamagochi, Crashgear, Sega, Nintendo, Psx. A game notorious among those who know it for being hard to beat, The Yakyuken Special features many girls to challenge to yakyuken matches. The first release for the 3DO featured only 6 girls while later releases expanded the choices to The game itself is video sequences involving the girl you choose dancing to.

Microsoft bluetooth transceiver v3.0 driver for mac. The Saturn has it’s fair share of adult based games but none are as good as this one. Mtk 6225 drivers for mac. It4600 driver for mac. The really odd thing is that this game has no red 18X mark on it like the other adult games do. All it has to warn you is a small bit of text in the top right hand corner.

So what type of game is it? Well, do you know Janken? Maybe you know it under it’s English name of Paper Scissors Stone or Rock Scissors Stone. If you do know that game then you’ll know about this game. If you don’t then check it out somewhere on the net.

Anyway, you have a choice of 12 women who only half of which are pretty (don’t let the still images fool you. They look much better when moving) to play Janken with.

At first they give you a little introduction about themselves then go in to this funny dance. Once the dance is over you then must choose between Rock, Paper or Scissors in the game of Janken. If you win the woman will take off one item of clothing. There are 5 rounds in total which result in the woman dancing around completely naked (^o^) You have to get to at least the 3rd or 4th round before you see some flesh. This may sound all too easy but believe me, the computer cheats like hell. It’s not easy to get to the final video of the totally naked woman.