Download Free Software Last Chaos German Setup New Email

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  1. Download Free Software Last Chaos German Setup New Email Address
  2. Last Chaos German Version

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This business email client offers complete contact management, including full contact data with appointment calendars and task lists in addition to email messages! Perform e-mail-merges and view contact email histories.Intellect is fully networkable and offers the ability to share complete databases or just one area such as a shared calendar, shared contact list, or shared mailbox. All users on a network can even use the same databases at the same time to collaborate without being locked out or requiring expensive server software. Emails sent and received, as well as Appointments on your calendar and to do items on your task list are linked back to the matching contact in your telephone book to help you keep a complete contact history of every message, meeting or telephone call, including the notes you took about each event.

Download Free Software Last Chaos German Setup New Email Address

Powerful spam controls, including Bayesian learning filters (and a special filter to block spammers crafting messages just to avoid Bayesian blocking).POP3, IMAP and SMTP protocols supported including SPA, SSL and STARTTLS for secured connections.Intellect can also be installed on and synchronized with a USB portable flash drive for working away from your normal PC. Print mailing address labels, calendars, address books, fax and web applications, mail-merge with Word and much more. Support for Palm, Windows Mobile (Pocket PCs and Smartphones) and BlackBerry devices is available. Much more information on the new features, including screen shots, is available on the Chaos Software web site. What makes Intellect different? Intellect shows you which email messages come from people you know! In your inbox, look for the messages with a business card icon in the first column.

Last Chaos German Version

Download Free Software Last Chaos German Setup New Email

These are the messages coming from people in your contact list, easy to pick out from the rest of the noise! Intellect has email histories for contacts!

Payday 2for mac. Open a contact and go to the E-Mail tab at the top to see ALL of the messages you have received from or sent to this contact's email addresses! For that matter, Intellect has appointment and task histories of everything else you have done for a contact, too! While in the contact details, there are also tabs for Appointments and Tasks to show your chronological history, including any notes you took on those days about those events. Want your prospects and clients to feel you are in constant contact with them?

Intellect offers e-mail merges with message templates you create making it easy to be personal without all the work! Even create a complete series of messages to be delivered at a scheduled interval. Intellect can do merges with Word templates, too, if you are still sending out letters the old-fashioned way! Intellect has a REDIRECT button!!! Who knows why no other email program has this useful feature, but who hasn't been frustrated by the way forwarding email works? You pass along a message to the right person at your office to answer the email, and then they reply ---- to you!