Download Barefoot Friends Ep 4 Indo Sub

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Download Barefoot Friends Ep 4 Indo Sub

Jun 14, 2015  Barefoot Friends Ep 6 Full [EngSub] Yogyakarta, Indonesia - Kang Ho dong, Yoon Jong shin, Yoo Se yoon, Kim Bum soo, Kim Hyun joong, Yoon Si yoon,. Barefoot Friends Episode 4 Barefoot Friends Episode 4 Barefoot Friends Episode 4 Barefoot Friends Episode 4 English Subtitle Korean Drama Barefoot. The following Barefoot Friends Episode 4 English SUB has been released. Dramacool will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!!! Watch Barefoot Friends Episode 1 Online With English sub,FullHD. Download; Favorites; Subscribe. SUB Barefoot Friends Episode 4.

Meabu From what I see, the problem with this show was the lack of 'bond' between the members. They laughed and seemed happy altogether but it still seemed somewhat forced, just not very natrual. Also, the show gave them some really tough missions that made them all tensed. Right now the show doesn't have a solid plot because I'm still confused to what this show was all about. One minute seemed like it was about travel/documentary then it became like a show about friendships.

Download Barefoot Friends Ep 4 Indo Sub

I love this show and hope they start to make this show with more sense, not just randomly from this to that. MaeyiHana I thought they were going to travel around the world and do missions too to get to know other cultures and people like the first episode was doing. It looks like they needed this diving competition to bring a friendlier bond to them. Truthfully I think they need to bring in an outgoing female to bring UEE out of her shell.

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She is to quite and that would also make it so that she don't seem so uncomfortable with herself being the only female.LOVE the SHOW!!!! Hyun Joong Oppa Hawaiting.Eunhyuk oppa from mi eomma Hwaiting!!!!

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PDs Please Keep Up the Show and don't let the ratings fall.from a fan in America!!!!