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—, telling you how to acquire the code for piloting a spaceship When a player purchases a video game, how does the developer prevent them from simply making an illicit copy of the software and giving it away to a friend? Unlike physical merchandise (such as books), video games exist as electronic data, which is quite easy to make perfect copies of. This has been a concern for game makers even from the start, so throughout the years they've come up with a variety of ways to verify that whoever is playing their game has fronted the proper cash for that privilege.

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A few examples: • 'Key disc' method: The game prompts the user to insert their authentic installation or game disc, checking for some kind of identifying signature that they've carefully hidden in the disc format itself, in a way that would not (generally) be preserved when the player simply makes an electronic copy of the software code and files. • 'The Dongle': A variant of the 'Key Disc' method mostly found on professional and enterprise level software, although it's starting to see use in consumer games as well (e.g. Steel Beasts Pro PE and the DJMax Trilogy). Software that uses this method will only run if said dongle (either USB or parallel port) is present, and presents an error message followed by immediately quitting if the dongle is absent.

Another variant of this is that the software is tied down to a particular piece of hardware and will not run if the hardware is absent (e.g. Copies of Nero Burning ROM Professional bundled with certain CD writers). • Passphrase method: The game prompts a user to input a word or phrase from a specified page of, trusting that only legal owners have a copy of that. Another form is a 'code wheel': a set of physical cardboard or plastic wheels that have to be dialed to the specified settings (somewhat like a combination lock or a decoder ring) to reveal the answer that the game wants. • Puzzle method: As a more subtle, elaborate version of the above, the player encounters an in-game puzzle that is generally without supplementary clues and information included either in the game's manual or its. • Activation: The software key is registered and paired with your computer's hardware somehow.

On first install, information about your computer is sent back to the developers, and on subsequent installs the information is checked and you're blocked from proceeding if the information doesn't add up. Privacy concerns aside, this method is gaining ground on every single piece of software in the market, from Operating Systems (infamously, Windows' activation) to productivity (much of Adobe's, AutoDesk's and Microsoft's wares use it) to even consumer games (the download version of all of 's titles). Unfortunately, all of the above methods are beatable (sometimes trivially), slightly intrusive on the end user, and if they malfunction they can even lock a legitimate player out of their own game. Instruction manuals can be photocopied (despite efforts to make this difficult) or just plain lost, physical game discs age and eventually go bad (making perfectly-legal archival/personal backup copies won't help if the game uses a key-disc method), and so on. Sometimes, a method becomes viewed as so intrusive that the player may simply choose to avoid running the game at all. Or decide 'screw it' and download a cracked, pirate version, thus leading to the exact opposite of what the publisher intended.

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This has resulted in something of a vicious cycle between game publishers and unlicensed copying ('), where when one copy-protection system is cracked or beaten, the publisher must switch to (or create) another, stronger method, which is itself beaten (sometimes quickly), and so on. Where does it end? Age of empires 1 free download full version for windows 7 torrent. In the early days, the physical game media itself (game cartridges, CD-ROM) was sufficient to ensure that it was a legal copy, on the grounds that the equipment to produce them was difficult (if not impossible) for the general public to obtain. This is no longer the case these days, especially with the Internet where it's fairly easy to find not just downloadable copies (legal or otherwise) of the software itself, but any and all of the pass phrases, manual clues, or the entire solution to a copy-protection puzzle. The Internet itself has brought the latest version of copy protection: Client-server verification, where the player is the 'client' and their legal right to play the game is recorded on a central server database. The server is the central authority on who is (and by extension, is not) allowed to play the game, and can easily verify this with any given client, either during the game's initial installation or first time startup, or sometimes every time the game is run.