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The Model S Professional for Mac is the same keyboard as the Model S that Das Keyboard has been selling, but with the appropriate 'control', 'option', and 'command' keys for the Macintosh, plus. Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac By Jim Tanous on July 6, 2015 at 5:21 AM • @mggjim Once standard in the industry, mechanical keyboards were largely replaced as manufacturers’ keyboard of. Jan 27, 2012  Apple owners looking for an outstanding typing experience need search no further than the Das Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac. But it’s black. The Model S Professional for Mac Mechanical Keyboard from Das Keyboard comes with 104 keys, Cherry MX Blue mechanical key switches, and gold contacts for a soft, tactile feel when typing. The keys are laser etched and designed to last up to 50 million keystrokes.

The Das Keyboard Model S Professional Clicky Mechanical Keyboard for Mac sports high-performance, gold-plated, mechanical key switches that produce unique clicky tactile feedback while making the typing experience more comfortable, precise and fast.

As I'm writing this post, I pretty much don't have to worry about doing a word count — or more accurately a character count. That's because I'm writing it using a soon-to-be released Das Keyboard Model S Professional for Mac and my wife can hear every single key I hit.

Like most Mac users (of a certain age), I haven't used a keyboard with mechanical switches in probably 20 years, at least since my was retired. And for the past five years, pretty much every keyboard in the house has been the chiclet style that showed up on MacBooks, then shipped with Mac desktop systems. I have no complaints about those keyboards, mind you. I find them easy to work on, quiet and the fact that I can switch between multiple desktop systems and a trio of laptops without the keyboard changing appreciably has meant no ramp up time when moving between computers. But I do have a soft spot for old-school, mechanical things. The wall-mounted rotary phone hooked up to a land line in my office is probably a dead giveaway there. So when I was offered the chance to try out a new Das Keyboard for Mac, featuring honest to goodness mechanical switches, I had to give it a try.

Mechanical Keyboard For Mac

After unboxing the review sample, my first impression of the keyboard was that it is big. 2009 Not just a larger footprint than Apple's keyboards, but much chunkier as well.


Das Keyboard - Model S Professional Keyboard For Mac

It tips the scales at 3 pounds. It's also very black, something that the Mac crowd isn't all that accustomed to, after our past five years or so of brushed aluminum. The keyboard ships with a wiping cloth, which seems a bit strange (a can of compressed air I could see, but a wiping cloth?), until you use it for a few minutes and realize the shiny black housing attracts streaks, smears and dust at a rate that puts an iPad to shame. Jigzone. Yeah, you'll need that cloth. That's about it as far as quibbles go.