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Disney Crossy Road is an arcade based game, a development of Disney which is full of adventure, fun and action. Disney has made this game available for both the popular platforms i.e. Android and iOS. Crossy roads free download - Road Crossy for Windows 10, Latest Crossy Road Guide, Crossy Road for Windows 10, and many more programs. Oculus Crossy Road Description The goal of the game is to get as far as possible across the roads, rivers, grass and train tracks without dying. The player plays as a mascot (such as a chicken, koala, or bunny) and must tap to go forward or swipe the screen in the appropriate direction to move the mascot horizontally. Apr 06, 2017  Instructions for play Crossy Road on PC. Many players who have downloaded and play to Crossy Road on PC with control or with keyboard and mouse have improved their stats, so you do not stay behind, here.

Sponsored Links Help your character to cross the road by tapping the screen. It is easy if the streets is empty but imagine how exciting it is to deal with rushing cars, trains and even logs on the river. The goal is easy, cross the street as much as you can by jumping fast or slow or stop to let it pass. The farther you go, the more coins you can get.

Another good thing is, you have free gift every 3 minutes of playing which may contain new characters. The game is exciting as every time you bump into the car, you feel you want to scream because your character moves too slowly. But the end, you still end up playing and playing. In real life, you just have to wait for the signal from stop light before you cross the road but this time, the strategy is yours. Add the thrill of jumping and wait for logs on the river before you reach the other side.

This exciting game is now available on computer. Imaging playing it at the large screen, do you think you can see it clearly and have the chance of not bumping on the cars or truck? Downloading Crossy Road for PC will also save your game progress to your Google Play where you can see your previous game. Crossy Road Game Features. Crossy Road for PC is a fun and strategic game.

It does not require you to check it constantly but it will surely make you play again and again. The goal is easy and the steps on how to accomplish it just require you to tap the screen where you want him to go. It can go right, left, forward and backward. The game highlights include: • HD game with square creatures. The game loads fast and it follows command quickly. • Control the speed. It depends on what the situation requires.

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You are about to cross two, three, four, five or more lanes where cars and trucks will not stop just to let you cross the street. Make your character run for its life by tapping the screen fast. One tap will move it to other lane. • Go forward as fast as you can and you may go slowly if needed. The progress of your game depends on how fast or slow or strategic your fingers are.

If you over tap the forward button, then you will surely bump into the car or truck, trains or even fall off the river. • Go left or right, this option will give you the chance to get the coins wherever it goes. You can also use this to avoid the obstruction like trees. • Move backward.

If you think you did the wrong move, tap the screen backward as fast as you can so your character will not die on the street because of hit-and-run. Cars, trucks and train won’t stop for you.

Not even the river will remove its water to save your character from drowning. The addicting game can be downloaded for free for Android handy gadgets. You can also play it with your personal computer as a standalone application which you can connect to your Google play account making your game progress available on all gadgets.

Download Crossy Road for PC through Andy Play with the car, trucks, train and the river by running through it. It doesn’t need to move too fast. The goal is to cross the road. This will be easier if you are playing the game at a large screen on your personal computer so you can see and control the move. Another good thing is you can have the same progress at different gadgets. Andy provides solution on how make it possible for you to play your favorite game at your personal computer and it is updated regularly to check new game versions and to remove bug.

Crossy Road Download Mac

How to Download Crossy Road for PC You can download your favorite game using the emulator provided by the Andy and all the steps to get it are provided together with the instructions given on how to have your Crossy Road for PC application. Step 1: Download and install. Make sure that the Virtualization is enables in the BIOS settings and also make sure that your PC has the latest video drivers installed. One can have a look at the handy guide on how to proceed here and also a in cases where more help is needed. Step 2: Open Andy and complete the signup procedure and in case the user has a Google account, the same can be used.