Ckan Has Been Added To Homebrew For Mac

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Update (March 2018) In February 2018, the php72 formula (the current version of PHP) has been moved into the core Homebrew tap and renamed as php. Installing PHP using Homebrew is now as easy as: $ brew install php The homebrew/php tap and will be archived on March 31, 2018. The plan is to also currently to the core tap, using the new @ convention for versions (PHP 7.1 will be [email protected]). After homebrew/php is archived, the formulas it contains won't be available any more. The original answer The PHP ecosystem lives in the homebrew/php tap. You can find there six versions of the interpreter (from 5.3 to 7.1), extensions for them and some PHP-related tools. In order to install PHP you have to install the homebrew/php tap first (this is needed only once): $ brew tap homebrew/php $ brew install php70 Or you can do both operations in a single step by running: $ brew install homebrew/php/php70 You could discover all these by searching php first: $ brew search php.

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Ckan has been added to homebrew for mac

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Installing manually This guide assume that your downloads go into the default 'Downloads' directory. • Download and install Mono (for MacOS High Sierra) (for El Capitan users) (for Yosemite users) • Get the latest version of CKAN from • Press Cmd+Spacebar on your keyboard, type 'Terminal' and the press Enter • In the terminal that opens type the following with an Enter keystroke after each line cd Downloads mono ckan.exe Note that you may need to specify the architecture (32 bit is required for the GUI). If plain mono ckan.exe does not launch the app, then try making mono more chatty.