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I have to say that character maps on the Mac are so much easier than using it on Windows thanks to the way Apple uses the Option key. It's so much nicer to use that and a letter to get the character you want. I hate how it is on Windows and even on Gnome and KDE. It sucks having to go into another program just to copy and paste on little character. Gopika gujarati font keyboard layout

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And no, memorizing the Alt+ASCII# doesn't make it easier. Option-N and 'N' is much easier to get that little tilde over the N.

One more reason to use a Mac. OK.rant's over. I cannot find a way using Apple's built-in tools to show me the keyboard shortcut for this character:? I had to use the 'insert' option from the character palette. You'd think, given how thorough the character palete actually is, that Apple would have included keyboard shortcuts somewhere in there, but I can't find the list.

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Here are some other options maybe: Font Safari (not actually available yet it seems) PopChar PopChar shows you the keyboard shortcut for any given font character, but it seems incomplete. Many characters don't have a shortcut. Is this because there simply is not shortcut, or is PopChar incomplete? I don't know.

Apple's Built-In 'Keyboard Viewer' shows you various keyboard shortcuts for alternate fonts, but it's very limited. Here's another work around: Use a macro utility like this: TypeIt4Me You install this app and then tell it what series of keys you want to type certain things. So you could tell it that every time you type 'eee' it should instead type?

It's very cool. Very handy for other stuff, like common names and phrases you might use a lot. Like my company name is Mindbend, Inc.

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Free Software Downloads For Mac

Character Map For Mac Free Download

So I when I type mmm it spits out Mindbend, Inc. But in the end, I would still like to know if there's a built-in shortcut for this character:? (and all the others for that matter), cuz I can't find it.