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I agree which is why I'm using it. But I do like some things better in Logic. Point is in order to compete, I think Sonar needs more than a 'try out' version.

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Let's wait and see what it entails though. As for the Mac platform being superior, I think the past few years Windows has gotten a lot better (fixing a bunch of issues and getting smoother in general) and Mac has gotten a lot worse (plenty of audio and upgrade problems especially past Mountain Lion). By now it seems pretty much a matter of taste to me. They said very early on the alpha release will not include 3rd party application and not even the full platinum plugin set. For free test software it still sounds like it will be the best thing on the market in that category.

Cakewalk mac

If they get to the post beta pay version you can then expect melodyne, drum replacer, AD as a possibility. OP - Mac products and applications are notorious for no longer working as they switch operating systems.

Not sure what version you are talking about, but using the term old throws up a red flag for potential non-compatibility. Pwalpwal SanderxpanderI hope 'alpha' doesn't mean no Melodyne/ARA, Drum Replacer, Addictive Drums etc. I expect that this is exactly what it means, it is an alpha after all. Yes, that is exactly what Alpha means. Dropbox download mac 10.5 8.

The only way Cakewalk will find out the technical constraints and market reaction is to start the process, and it starts with an alpha that's free to get as many reactions as possible. But they need to be very, very careful. Apple could decide tomorrow to bundle Logic Pro X for free, and pull the rug out from under everyone. Yes, but dropping Logic to $199 was totally unanticipated too. There is risk, so Cakewalk is doing this in a gradated way to a) minimize those risks, and b) not impact SONAR. Well I guess I'm a musician and not a market analyst for a reason but doing it this way feels like a recipe for failure to me.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think other new(-ish) players on the market arrived with some unique features to distinguish them from the competition (Reaper, Bitwig, StudioOne). They each have a small but loyal following. Bluntly, to me it doesn't feel like Sonar can really turn heads if you leave out things like ARA and AD. I've seen this a lot first hand when I go to other studios where everyone uses PT (big budget recording), Logic (fellow musicians/producers) or FL (the hip hop/EDM crowd). The only thing that impresses them is Melodyne and the quality of AD. For the rest it's 'it looks crappy and I can already do that in Logic/FL/PT'. That said, in a way I hope it is successful because for better or worse somehow Mac gets a lot more respect amongst musicians.

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