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Vibhuti Bane Mrs. Vibhuti: Angoori ko mila ek nayi saheli ka sath, Tiwariji ke dil me jagi ek nayin aas, Aneetaji ke dimag ka dahi hogya or dahi ka ho gaya chaans! Manmohan reaches Anita’s house and the two of them admire a photo of Vibhuti’s childhood, where he is seen wearing a frock. Anita informs Manmohan of Vibhuti’s interest in wearing girl’s dresses during his childhood. At the same time, Vibhuti is unaware of the tragedy that has just befallen him as a nurse by mistake seems to have injected him with woman hormones.

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As expected Vibhuti’s behaviour transforms completely and he starts to act sensitive and behaves like a female. Vibhuti reaches Angoori’s house and seeing this transformation in Vibhuti, she bursts out laughing.

How will Anita react when Vibhuti appears before him in his all new avatar? Find out here. Apko kya lagta hai, Gorilla kon hoga! 1 Tiwari 2 Daroga 3 Saksaina 4 Vibhuti 5 Real gorilla Manmohan handovers an instrument to Anita and asks her to use the switch whenever she needs him. Vibhuti presses the switch a few times to test if Manmohan does reach their home on time. Later, Manmohan reaches his home and finds Vibhuti boasting and making false claims of his bravery. Manmohan records the entire conversation while Vibhuti continues to glorify his encounters with gorillas.

Later, the members of the neighbourhood gather together in order to discuss about the gorilla. The neighbourhood decides to have a person guard the colony and they ask Manmohan to take up this responsibility.

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Manmohan refuses to take up this responsibility and instead calls Vibhuti to stand as the guard. Watch how Vibhuti’s false claims backfire on him. Watch next episode’s preview.

Budha Ghar Per Hai ( umer sharif & moin akher & shakeel siddique) rauf jan. FULL PAKISTANI COMEDY STAGE DRAMA - Duration. Budha Ghar Par Hai - Hit Comedy Play. COMEDY DRAMA Budha Ghar Per Hai 4of14. Mastana and Iftikhar Thakur New Pakistani Stage Drama Full Comedy Funny Clip. Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai. Watch & Discuss AndTV Hindi Serial Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai episodes online. Also Anyone can download Budha ghar per hai full drama's newest and oldest mp3,hd mp4 songs. We provides Budha ghar per hai full drama's songs in formats like mp4, hd, webm, mkv, flv, wmv, 3gp, wav, mp3. We have huge collection of unlimited Budha ghar per hai full drama 's songs.

• Vibhuti: bhabiji hame maaf karna, hum asli Zaleel Kameen Puri nahin hai! How to sync salesforce events with office 365 calendar for mac. • Angoori: haiye daiyya hame aapse ye umeed na thi! Download create virtual cd rom for mac.

• Tiwari: Arrey vibhutiji aapka naam beshak Zaleel Kameen puri na ho par aapki harkate to Zaleel or kameeno waali hi hain hamare liye to aap hi rahenge Zaleel Kameen Puri! • Angoori: sahi pakde hain laddo ke bhaiya! П˜› Manmohan and Angoori organize a mushaira and invite Vibhuti, assuming him to be Jaleel Kamin Puri. The entire neighborhood gathers to listen to his shayaris. Just then, the real Jaleel Kamin Puri arrives and reaches Manmohan’s house to reveal his real identity. The entire neighborhood sits shocked when they find out about Vibhuti’s lies. Watch Preview of Next Episode.

Kambhakt ye ishq bhi kya Cheez hai Ye kitne imtihaan leti hai Nallon ko shayar bana deti hai Manmohan sneaks into Anita’s house assuming that the man she is hugging is a stranger. He, however, ends up shocked when he learns that the man is no stranger but is Vibhuti wearing the clothes of a shayar. Manmohan later is astonished to learn that Vibhuti is actually a famous shayar named Zaleel Kamin Puri.

Manmohan decides to spread the news of Vibhuti being the famous shayar. He later goes to Angoori and divulges the news to him and this shocks Angoori. How will Vibhuti handle the sudden fame that comes his way? Watch this comic caper and find out what happens next. You can’t afford to miss this episode!